Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Toledo

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the University of Toledo

Why Philosophy?

Philosophy is central to the intellectual life of the university, and is indispensable to a well-rounded education. It asks questions--What kinds of lives are "good lives"? What is true and how do we tell the difference between the true and the false? Why is there something rather than nothing? And so on--that focus our thinking through the development of skills with language and logic, and change our lives by transforming our ideas and values. Philosophy is an antidote to commercialism,  unreflective professionalization, and apathy: it enhances freedom by promoting critical and engaged conversation, and it gives thinking context and orientation that are at the foundation of a rich and happy life.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Toledo is historically oriented, pluralistic department with an outstanding faculty and vibrant graduate program. Our undergraduate program exposes students from all majors to the richness of philosophical thought and the importance of critical thinking, and it gives its majors a deep and broad education in diverse philosophical traditions. more...

Religious Studies

Students with an interest in the academic study of religion can pursue an interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in "Religious Studies." more...


American Philosophy

The department is home to the university's American Studies program and to one of the nation's foremost scholars of American Philosophy. more...

Law and Social Thought
LST is a truly interdisciplinary undergraduate program for the study of law and legal institutions in the context of the liberal arts. LST's student-centered, innovative curriculum encourages students to pursue their interests in law and justice in a rigorous yet broad-based academic setting. Students interested in pursuing LST should enroll in the "gateway" course, LST 2010, "Law and Social Thought" now taught in the fall and spring semesters. More information about LST is available at the program's web site:
Graduate Program (MA)
Graduate students in philosophy can do extensive work in the history of philosophy and in a variety of traditions. more... The philosophy faculty represent a variety of traditions in philosophy. more...


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