Internal Medicine Residency Program

Resident Competency Score Card

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The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has defined competencies as specific knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes and the appropriate educational experiences required of residents to complete GME programs. A brief description of the six competencies is given below1:

Patient Care

Residents must be able to provide patient care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health.

Medical Knowledge

Residents must demonstrate knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and social-behavioral sciences, as well as the application of this knowledge
to patient care.

Practice-based Learning and Improvement

Residents must demonstrate the ability to investigate and evaluate their care of patients, to appraise and assimilate scientific evidence, and to continuously improve patient care based on
constant self-evaluation and life-long learning.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Residents must demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in the effective exchange of information and collaboration with patients, their families, and health professionals.


Residents must demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles.

Systems-based Practice

Residents must demonstrate an awareness of and responsiveness to the larger context and system of health care, as well as the ability to call effectively on other resources in the system to provide optimal health care.

The residents are evaluated every six monthly using the indigenously developed ‘Competency Score Card’ that incorporates all the six ACGME competencies.


1. Common Program Requirements (

Expected minimum score before remediation per PGY level; 35% PGY 1, 45% for PGY 2, 60 % for PGY3.

Scoring Key

  • Simulation Lab: (bonus*) 1 point for each session attended.
  • Publications: (bonus*) 0.5 point for first author Abstract, 2 points for peer review publication as a first author and 1 point as non-first author.
  • Autopsy Report: (bonus*) 2 points for each completed report.
  • Hospital Committees: (bonus*) 1 point for each committee membership.
  • Chart Audit, 1 point for complete chart review, -1 for incomplete.


Last Updated: 6/27/22