Neurosciences Alumni

Attention Alumni!

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Justin Creeden (md/phd-nnd)

     Defense date: 3/14/22

     Defense title:  Signaling Networks that Drive Deleterious Outcomes in the Pancreas and Liver

     Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

Khaled Alganem (phd-nnd)

    Defense date: 3/28/22

    Defense title: Network-Based Integration of Multi-Omics Datasets

    Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

Alex joyce (MSBS-BIPG)

Defense date: 4/1/22

Defense title: Analysis of AKT1 activity in Alzheimer's Disease and Schizophrenia though Kinopedia, an interactive application for kinome array data

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

elizabeth shedroff (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/15/22

Defense title: Assessment of the Active Kinome in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Renal Transplant Patients

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

Vineet reddy (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/18/22

Defense title: Single Cell Transcriptomic-informed Microcircuit Computer Modelling of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

evelyn bates (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/20/22

Defense title: Identifying Transcriptional Gene Signatures for Suicide Across Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Advisor:  Dr. Robert Smith

William Ryan (MSBS-BIPG)

     Defense Date: 4/22/22

     Defense title:  A Conserved Cortical Computation Revealed by Connecting Behavior to Whole-Brain Activity in C.       elegans: An In-Silico Systems Approach

      Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

kathryn helminiak (msbs-bipg)

    Defense date: 7/18/22

   Defense title: Combined Analysis of HCUP’s NEDS Data in Conjunction with Publicly Available Genomics Databases to  Investigate  Harmful Algal Bloom Impacts on Human Health.

    Advisor: Dr. David Kennedy

leah stevenson (msbs-bipg)

      Defense date: 8/1/22

     Defense title: Investigation of the Gut Microbiome using Machine Learning as a diagnostic aid for Food Allergies

     Advisor: Dr. Bina Joe

Ali imami (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/1/2021

Defense title:  Modelling causal kinase networks and their differential analysis in schizophrenia

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

Alexander mccartney (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/1/21

Defense title: Identifying multiple sclerosis biomarkers using existing omics data

Advisor: Dr. Sadik Khuder

bhuwan rai (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/12/21

Defense title:  Data pooling to investigate the abundance of gut microbiome composition in autoimmune disease

Advisor: Dr. Sadik Khuder

scott miruzzi (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/19/21

Defense title: Bilirubin exerts hormonal regulation on transcription of genes through modulation of key coregulator protein recruitment

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

hunter eby (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/19/21

Defense title: Enhancing pathway analysis utilizing natural language processing and text mining

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith

Joyeeta Dutta (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/20/21

Defense title: Identifying a biomarker for systemic sclerosis using existing genomic data

Advisor: Dr. Sadik Khuder

Melissa Curtis (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/22/21

Defense title:

Advisor: Dr. James Burkett

John Dillon (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 4/30/21

Defense title: Head and neck radiotherapy induces a transcriptional profile associated with inflammation

Advisor: Dr. Heather Conti

Ishan Manandhar (Msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 6/23/21

Defense title: Artificial intelligence-based clinical classification of diseases: Utilizing gut microbiota as a feature for supervised learning and diagnostic screening of inflammatory bowel diseases

Advisor: Dr. Bina Joe

sachin aryal (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 6/25/21

Defense title: Applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning for cardiovascular diseases

Advisor: Dr. Bina Joe

kaitlyn zigulis (msbs-bipg)

Defense date: 8/3/21

Defense title: Expression of FcgammaRIIA Across Species

Advisor: Dr. Randell Worth

Amanda Blaker (PHd-nnd)

Defense date: 6/6/2019

Defense title: Neurotoxic interactions between methamphetamine and alcohol drinking

Advisor:  Dr. Joshua Park

JOseph Lee (Md/phd-nnd)

Defense date: 5/8/2019

Defense title: Role of peripheral GABAA receptors in the postganglionic regulation of parotid secretion

Advisor: Dr. David Giovannucci


Kelsey Murphy (phd-nnd)

Defense date: 11/7/2019

Defense title: BBB bypassing polysaccharide mini-GAGR activates the neuronal Nrf2-medicated antioxidant defense system for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Park

Mackenzie abel (msbs- NND)

Defense date: 7/20/20

Defense title: Characterizing the KEOPS complex in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Advisor: Dr. Robert Smith



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