Divisions: Developmental/Behavioral

The Developmental and Behavioral rotation, which is required in the second year, stresses an understanding of traditional and alternative therapies in the treatment of children with a variety of developmental and behavioral issues. 

Ample opportunity to work within multidisciplinary teams is a decided strength of this rotation. A team approach to diagnosis and treatment is provided to every child referred for care. Team members include fellowship trained developmental pediatricians, a child psychologist, a licensed pediatric social worker, a pediatric nurse care coordinator, an Early Intervention specialist, a certified pediatric clinical nurse specialist and an office manager. The role of the child's primary physician in case finding and follow-up will benefit physician residents, especially those who plan to practice in a primary care setting.

Residents develop competency in family communication skills through repeated exposure to methods of disclosing difficult information to parents about their developmentally-delayed child. Family-physician collaboration in the treatment plan is modeled.

Experiences combine outpatient clinic assessment, as well as observational experiences in multiple community agencies specializing in the care of special needs children and their families. Clinic and community experiences target children with autism/pervasive developmental disorder, myelodysplasia, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD/ADD, feeding disorders and high-risk neonate follow up.

Community experiences include Harbor Behavioral Health, a leading mental health provider in Northwest Ohio; Bittersweet Farms, a group home for autistic adults; pediatric audiology assessments, both behavioral and neurologic; Sunshine Children's Home, a group home and respite site for special needs children; Lott Industries, a business which employs special needs adults; pediatric rehabilitation services through St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center; Educare, an early intervention site and day care center for developmentally delayed children; and The Model School, an elementary school targeting children with autism. 

Eileen Quinn, M.D.
Developmental Pediatrician





Last Updated: 6/27/22