Academic Divisions

The educational and clinical experiences at The University of Toledo begins with patient care. Our faculty provide highly skilled and respected patient care and education throughout the breadth of pediatric general and speciality care.      

Regarding education of residents and students, informal tutorial and patient-driven discussions between faculty and house-staff are a daily way of life. More than 100 full-time and clinical faculty actively participate in resident training. Resident responsibility gradually increases over the course of three years and the maturation of the resident from student to teacher occurs as a result of professional-to-professional interaction which is a major distinguishing feature of our program.

Intern experiences include ward, PICU, NICU, pediatric emergency medicine, newborn nursery and primary care pediatrics. The intern works closely with both supervising residents and faculty to develop clinical skills. Supervising residents participate in required months of ward supervision, primary care pediatrics, pediatric emergency medicine, developmental pediatrics and adolescent medicine. They also have exposure to pediatric sub-specialties during elective time.

In addition to direct patient care responsibilities, a number of learning sessions are scheduled for the housestaff. The residents participate in morning report, attending rounds, grand rounds, teaching rounds, journal club, board review, resident conferences, radiology conference and morbidity mortality conferences-the ultimate goal is to achieve a full and enjoyable educational experience.

Last Updated: 7/15/24