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The Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases offers two electives for pediatric residents. A first year two week elective introduces interns to the basics of infectious diseases in children. A one month second or third year elective expands resident knowledge by giving residents the opportunity to lead various areas of the infectious disease service. During the elective, residents gain an awareness of the role of the Infectious Disease specialist in working with primary care providers and hospital based physicians, and acquire knowledge and experience to manage patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic infectious diseases.

This rotation enables residents to gain competency in the diagnosis and management of a patient with an infectious disease and understand the principles of disease control, prevention of nosocomial infections and immunization programs.

A one-month elective is also offered to 3rd- and 4th-year medical students allowing them to experience firsthand the pediatric infectious disease service and take an active role in all facets of patient care.

Residents and students have the opportunity to see patients in the Infectious Disease clinic and on the Pediatric inpatient service; and Pediatric and Neonatal ICU. Time is also allotted for a tour of the Microbiology/Virology Lab with the Director for a review of available diagnostic laboratory tools/assays. During the elective ample time is devoted to reviewing a variety of infectious disease topics with the attending physician. Common clinical scenarios include osteomyelitis, Kawasaki disease, and children travelling internationally.


  • Inpatient services at Toledo Children's and Mercy Children's Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics at Toledo Children's and Mercy Children's Hospitals
  • Travel clinic at the Ruppert Health Center at UTMC

Division Members:

Deepa Mukundan, M.D.

Deepa Mukundan, M.D.

Meghan Ramser, M.D.

Meghan Ramser, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Janet Moore, CNP

Janet Moore, CNP

  • Dr. Nasreen Bhumbra, Professor Emeritus
  • Tina Riffner, Office Assistant

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