Graduate Medical Education

Resident Benefits

Resident Compensation (2018-2019)
R-1: $53,459
R-2: $55,330
R-3: $57,219
R-4: $58,700
R-5: $60,462
R-6: $62,275
R-7: $64,144

Resident Compensation (2019-2020)
R-1: $54,529
R-2: $56,437
R-3: $58,363
R-4: $59,874
R-5: $61,671
R-6: $63,521
R-7: $65,426

Vacation (based on a July 1 – June 30 contract, otherwise prorated by contract year)
Postgraduate Year One: 3 weeks (15 customary working days)
Postgraduate Year Two: 4 weeks (20 customary working days)
Postgraduate Year Three: 4 weeks, plus 1 week conference time

Sick Leave
15 days with pay per contract year, July 1-June 30.

Paid Leave
FMLA is available after 1 year of employment. The amount paid for FMLA is dependent on how much sick and vacation time the resident has available.

10 paid holidays per year.

Exercise Facility
Residents are able to join the Morse Center on Health Science Campus and the Recreation Center on Main Campus for an annual fee through payroll deduction.

Education Assistance and Tuition Waiver
Full time residents are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for payment of up to eight credit hours per semester for University of Toledo tuition and certain fees.  Spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children of residents who have been employed at UT for at least one year will be eligible to receive a tuition waiver for payment of undergraduate tuition and certain fees.  Dependents must be under age 24, unmarried, claimed as IRS dependent on UT employee's taxes and enrolled as a full time University of Toledo student with a minimum of 12 credit hours.  Please see the University's policy on  Education Assistance and Tuition waiver for a full description of the program.  In addition, there may be tax implications associated with the tuition waiver and recipients may want to consult with a tax advisor.

Health Care/Dental Insurance
Residents are eligible to participate in comprehensive major medical and dental plans. A partial premium payment is required. Residents may choose between single or family coverage and contributions are payroll deducted. Optical and prescription plans are also available.

Life Insurance
$10,000 Basic Life Insurance, $10,000 Employee Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance paid by The University of Toledo. Optional dependent life insurance is available and requires a minimum of monthly contributions.

Disability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance provided without charge for each resident.

Malpractice/Liability Insurance
Full coverage by UToledo as long as the resident is functioning within the scope of the residency program.

Residents may participate in the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) retirement plan or the Alternate Retirement Plan. Employee contributions are "deducted" by the University from the employee's gross pay and paid directly to the retirement systems. The resident annual contribution is 10%, and the university contribution is 13-14%, depending on the type of plan.

Credit Union
The University of Toledo Federal Credit Union offers loans at favorable interest rates and dividends on savings.

Employee Assistance
The University of Toledo Employee Assistance Program provides confidential and professional assistance to employees and dependents. Services include counseling, legal advice, identity theft prevention and recovery, financial education and more.

Career Services for Spouses/Domestic Partners
The UToledo Career Services assists spouses and domestic partners of residents in their job search through: exploring career and local employment opportunities; CV/resume and cover letter review and feedback; and practice mock interviews.

For more information, visit UToledo's Benefits website.

Last Updated: 2/12/20