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As one of the nation's most comprehensive public research universities, The University of Toledo has a unique opportunity to provide a wide variety of information and expertise on a broad range of topics.

Meet our featured Experts

rebecca zietlow

Rebecca Zietlow, J.D.

Interim Dean, Distinguished University Professor, and Charles W. Fornoff Professor of Law and Values

Rebecca Zietlow is interim dean, Distinguished University Professor, and the Charles W. Fornoff Professor of Law and Values at The University of Toledo College of Law, where she teaches constitutional law, federal courts, and constitutional litigation.

In 2020, Zietlow was elected a fellow of the American Bar Foundation. She received the University's Creative and Scholarly Activity Award in 2018 and the UToledo Outstanding Faculty Research and Scholarship Award in 2012. She formerly served as chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Constitutional Law and its Section on Women and Legal Education.

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Celia Williamson, Ph.D.

Distinguished University Professor of Social Work and Director of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute

Celia Williamson is well-known for her community advocacy against human trafficking and domestic violence, along with her extensive research into the issue. She organizes the Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference at UToledo that has welcomed people from 49 states and 40 countries since it began in 2004 as they work to advance collaborative research, advocacy and program development. She also studies prostitution, vulnerable women, and drug abuse.
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Paul Hong, Ph.D.

Distinguished University Professor of Global Supply Chain Management and Asian Studies

Whether it’s food at the grocery store, Christmas gifts or cars, Paul Hong is an expert on supply chains, network capabilities and global supply chain management. He can speak about the comprehensive logistical process that takes products from farm harvests and factory assembly lines to distribution by truck, rail or air, and, ultimately, onto retail shelves and showrooms — or directly to your front door. He is an expert in international comparative studies and building growth engine industries for national competitiveness.
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Experts by Topic


Rupali Chandar, Ph.D.Galaxy Formation

Michael Cushing, Ph.D.Cool Temperature Stars

Tom Megeath, Ph.D., Milky Way Star Birth

J.D. Smith, Ph.D., Galaxy Evolution


Paul Hong, Ph.D.Global Supply Chain, Panic Buying


Lisa Pescara-Kovach, Ph.D.Bullying

Electrical Engineering

Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga, Ph.D., Battery Power Systems

Health and Medicine

Bina Joe, Ph.D.Hypertension


Rebecca Zietlow, J.D., Affirmative action/civil rights.

Geoffrey Rapp, J.D.Sports Law

Lee Strang, J.D.Constitutional Law


Jami Taylor, Ph.D., Transgender Politics and Policy


Ovamir Anjum, Ph.D.Islam

Social Issues

Celia Williamson, Ph.D.Human Trafficking

Water Quality

Thomas Bridgeman, Harmful Algal Blooms, Water Quality, Great Lakes

Last Updated: 10/20/23