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Chemistry and Biochemistry Centennial Celebration

While reading the historical perspective below, please view the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry's Slideshow that was presented at this wonderful celebration.  To view it, please follow this link (click here).

In 2015, the University of Toledo Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is celebrating its 100th year of discovery. Established in 1915 with the appointment of Dr. Henry R. Kreider as Chairman, the department was located in the Medical College at Cherry and Page streets. In 1922, it moved to Nebraska and Parkside avenues, where UT’s Scott Park Campus is located today.

By 1931, the department had moved to University Hall on UT’s Main Campus. Dr. Kreider retired in 1944, and Dr. Harold Oddy was appointed the new Chairman. The American Chemical Society approved the undergraduate curriculum in 1953.

The Bowman-Oddy building on Main Campus was completed in 1967 to coincide with the approval of the doctoral program. By 1998, Wolfe Hall had been dedicated to support the department’s expanding research programs and the growth of its undergraduate enrollment. In 2013, the Department of Chemistry added "Biochemistry" to reflect the growing inter-disciplinary research in the department.

The centennial celebration was announced and recognized by the Toledo print media and the University of Toledo. The centennial planners and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry thank the Toledo and Chemistry communities for their recognition and support.

UTNews Article

Toledo Blade Article about John Warner's Talk

Additionally, the centennial has been commemorated by the American Chemical Society, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, and the US Congress.

Commemoration from the American Chemical Society

Special Congressional Recognition

Commending resolution from the Ohio Department of Higher Education

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