College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Clicker Training

NSM Training Sessions

We will use a flipped class approach for training.  Please watch the training video from Brenda Leady before attending a training session.  The video is only 14 minutes.  Click here for the video.

This handout covers the basic outline of the training video and includes helpful links. Faculty document link

The training video mentions a video that compares TP5 to Cloud.  TCP whats new video link

Dr. Leady has prepared a one-page student document.   Student document link

Quick Start Guide link


Users Guide link





Links to Turning Technologies videos

Accessibility options


Student guides

Students are suggested to create their account through BlackBoard

Directions or video


Download the free app from the following locations:

Student rebate codes:


Rebate code

Four year license only


Four year license plus clicker *


One year license only *


* same code as above because they get the same amount of money for their rebate

Student rebate flyers:


Last Updated: 6/27/22