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Environmental Remediation & Restoration Lab

Daryl Dwyer
 Daryl Dwyer, PhD.
Associate Professor of Ecology
Dept. of Environmental Sciences The University of Toledo

Director of the Stranahan Arboretum
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Research and Teaching Interests

The Environmental Remediation and Restoration Laboratory is under the direction of Daryl F. Dwyer, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Director of the Stranahan Arboretum.  Research projects focus on investigating and modeling the interactions of soil, water, microorganisms and plants for the purpose of protecting our environment, mitigating pollution, and restoring degraded sites, ideally by incorporating native plants.  Current and past funding has come from United States Department of Agriculture, National Resource Conservation Service, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Lake Erie Protection Fund and Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. 

Our mission is to investigate ecological and environmental principles to develop sustainable technologies that can be used to remediate human-induced environmental contamination and restore native habitat at ecologically degraded sites.


Last Updated: 7/15/24