University Marketing and Communications

How to add documents

New review process for PDF, PPT, Excel and documents

The UToledo web team will review PDFs, PPTs and other documents prior to adding them to University websites. This aligns with our efforts to:

  • Enhance the user experience for mobile and accessibility
  • Remain compliant with University policy and federal accessibility laws

To request a review

  • Use our web support request form, to allow us to track and document work requests.
  • Allow 10 working days for our team to review.

If a document needs to be added immediately

If the document needs to be added due to an urgent issue that is important to University business:

Web process for document review

  • Review for user experience, brand and accessibility
  • If PDF/doc is approved to be added to the site, we will add in the following ways:
    1. If it's accessible and brand compliant, we will post it.
    2. If needed, we will remediate accessibility/brand issues and post it.
    3. If accessibility issue cannot be immediately resolved, we document a resolution plan and post temporarily until the remediated version can be posted.  
Last Updated: 6/30/22