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Curriculum Tracking System: CIM

Welcome! This is a resource page for curriculum tracking at The University of Toledo.

Timeline Considerations

Submit your course/program modification in a timely manner:
  • Course and program proposals, both new proposals and modifications, will be for the following academic year, and will need full faculty governance approvals before updates will be reflected in the catalog aligned with the effective term.  Each college has a specific workflow process, and approvals are made by the department curriculum committee, the department chair or program director, the college curriculum committee, the college dean, the Faculty Senate or Graduate Council, the College of Graduate Studies (if applicable), the Office of the Provost and final step is the Office of the Registrar. 

  • Ideally you will want course proposals approved before registration opens for the next term, allowing time for the proposal to receive full faculty governance review and approvals.  If students are registered for a course that is under modification (i.e. submitted in the spring term, for fall term changes), offices have to take additional actions, and students will have to deregister and reregister.  Fall registration typically begins mid-March and Spring registration typically opens in mid-October.

Curriculum Inventory Management system: CIM

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ODHE Definitions for Credit Hours, Contact, Instructional Weeks, Labs, Practicums, etc.

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Program Development Guidelines 

The process and outline for developing new programs and certificates  at The University of Toledo, for both undergraduate and graduate levels.  You will also find the process for program suspension of admissions via CIM inactivation request (not longer accepting majors)

Last Updated: 9/16/21