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Tenure and Promotion


Guidelines for Faculty Evaluation of Tenure and Promotion 

 Endorsed by Faculty Senate April 24, 2018
Tenure and promotion play a vital role in sustaining a functional university community where students and faculty flourish, and the university advances its mission to improve the human condition for all members of society. These guidelines exist to promote the highest quality of excellence at the University of Toledo. The faculty and administration of the University of Toledo endorse the guidelines for faculty evaluation of tenure and promotion.


  • For the purpose of yearly evaluation, all faculty members are required to submit an electronic copy of the Annual Report of Professional Activity(ARPA)
  • Tenured/tenure track faculty ARPAs are due to the Department Personnel Committee (DPC) by September 18, 2017 along with a current CV.
  • See Section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement(Tenure, Tenure-Track)
  • The ARPA year runs from  August 15 of one year through August 14th of the next year.


  • Faculty ARPAs are due to Department Chairs in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences by September 18, 2017 along with a current CV. 


  • Bargaining unit Members shall be evaluated annually with the highest priority given to teaching and teaching related duties, field work and field supervision
  • Lecturer ARPAS are due to their Department Chair by the last day of the Fall Semester.
  • See section 9.3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Lecturers)

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