College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences Internship

All Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.P.S.) students must complete a 10-week internship placement at the end of the third year of study. The internship is designed to provide practical, real-world experience in the student's field.

The mandatory internship makes the B.S.P.S.  program at The University of Toledo unique. Our students graduate with a strong background in the sciences, as well as practical workplace experience that prepares them for the workforce or for continued education in medicine, business, veterinary science, dentistry, public health and many other disciplines.

The Internship Office maintains resources that are specialized for pharmaceutical science majors. Our students use Resume Builder software to fine-tune resumes and cover letters. BigInterview offers web-based video interview practice and skill enhancement prior to completing internship applications and competing for full-time opportunities. Students also develop a LinkedIn profile to assist with professional networking and career development.

Internship resources are identified and published for students to review and begin the application process. Competitive internships are available throughout the country and internationally.  Scholarships and undergraduate research support can be found through Financial Aid, the Jesup Scott Honors College and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

With the assistance of the office staff, students are counseled and encouraged to consider their personal career and educational goals as they apply and are offered positions.

Institute for Leadership in the Sciences

Prior to completing the mandatory internship, students must participate in the Institute for Leadership in the Sciences. The Institute for Leadership in the Sciences begins with a Professional Advancement Conference in the fall semester of the third year (P1), and is followed by mandatory seminars throughout the year during which students learn leadership skills, ethics, effective communication and problem solving, including application processes, resume development and soft skills that are valued highly in the workplace.

Throughout the junior (P1) and senior (P2) years, the Institute offers:

  • Seminars in communication and professional/technical presentation skills
  • Job search assistance and networking experiences
  • Interview practice and resume development
  • Graduate and professional program application forums and advice

For more information, contact us at or 419.383.1948.

Last Updated: 8/10/22