College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pre-Pharmacy Advising Syllabus

Office of Student Affairs Mission Statement

In concert with the mission statement of The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to provide current and prospective students with advising and support services that help to ensure their success in completing their college degree programs. The staff is dedicated to supplying the highest quality of "pharmacy student care" possible. 

What is Advising?

Through academic advising, students learn to become members of their higher education community, to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students, and to prepare to be educated citizens of a democratic society and a global community. Academic advising engages students beyond their own world views, while acknowledging their individual characteristics, values, and motivations as they enter, move through, and exit the institution (NACADA, 2006).

Advisor and advisee expectations

Advisor Responsibilities - We Will:

  • Provide contact info and post office hours
  • Clearly communicate UToledo's curriculum, requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Make referrals to other campus resources as needed to meet educational goals
  • Provide accurate and relevant information
  • Act in the best interest of students
  • Guide and assist students through the course selection, registration, academic and career exploration processes

Advisee Responsibilities - You Should:

  • Set, change, or cancel appointments with your advisor in a timely manner
  • Meet with your advisor on a regular basis and come prepared to your advising appointment
  • Be open and honest about your educational goals and ask questions about issues you do not understand
  • Follow through on advisor recommendations, suggested actions, resources and referrals
  • Understand and accept that you are ultimately responsible for your education and decisions

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

  • Curriculum, requirements, policies, procedures
  • Requirements to apply and enter the Professional Division (P1) of Pharm.D.
  • Requirements to apply and enter the Professional Division (P1) of B.S.P.S.
  • Accurately read and utilize a degree audit (DARS) in their education planning
  • Make use of the resources and services on campus to assist them in achieving their personal, academic, and career goals
  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate, professional, and respectful manner in all actions and communications

Important Resources

These are found in your Pharmacy Tab in the MyUT Portal.

  • Academic Performance Policy
  • Advising Information
  • Pre-Professional Curriculum Guide
  • Scheduling Pre-Professional Advising
  • Student Handbook

Services Available in the Office of Student Services

  • Scheduling questions
  • Difficulties in class
  • Advice regarding University academic policies (i.e., add/drop, grade deletions, pass/no credit)
  • Advice regarding University programs and resources (i.e., student organizations, tutoring hours)
  • Personal issues (all appointments are confidential)
  • GPA calculation scenarios/science GPA calculations
  • Degree options/career choices
  • Change of majors
  • Transfer credit questions and advising
  • Consortium agreement signatures
  • Academic performance issues
  • Degree audit questions
  • Curriculum questions
  • Academic performance meetings with Associate Deans
  • B.S.P.S. progression form
  • University forms
  • Student organization applications
  • Notary services
  • First aid
  • Dean's & President's list mailing
  • Form processing
  • A.C.P.E. handbook
  • Services for student organizations (access to meeting rooms, folding tables, glass cases, posting of signage)


Office of Student Affairs
Main Campus, Wolfe Hall, Room 1227
Phone: 419.530.1970
Advising Hours: 9:00 a.m. -  5:00 p.m.
Advising Appointments: Use Starfish through the MyUT Portal

Last Updated: 6/27/22