University Policy

Rehabilitation Services

3364-137-FM-01 Billing Procedure/Inpatient and Outpatient Services
3364-137-FM-02 Manual Back Up for Computer
3364-137-FM-03 Purchase & Acquisition of Supplies
3364-137-FM-05 Data Collection/Analysis
3364-137-FM-07 Fiscal Management
3364-137-IMO-01 Referral to Therapy Services for Outpatients
3364-137-IPG-01 Care Coordination
3364-137-IPG-02 Patient Assessment and Care Documentation
3364-137-IPG-04 Criteria for Discharge from Rehabilitation Services
3364-137-IPG-05 Coordination of Services
3364-137-IPG-06 Referral to Vocational Rehab/Psych Services/Chemical Dependency Counseling for UTMC Inpatients and Outpatients
3364-137-IPG-08 Referral to Educational Specialist for UTMC School-Aged Inpatients/Outpatients
3364-137-IPG-09 Aquatic Therapy/Pool
3364-137-IPI-04 Community Reintegration
3364-137-IPO-02 Outpatient Rehabilitation Team Conferences
3364-137-IPO-03 Driver Rehabilitation Program
3364-137-IPO-04 Certification of Plans of Care
3364-137-IR-02 Accessibility
3364-137-IR-05 Suicide Precautions
3364-137-IR-06 Abuse and/or Neglect of Patients
3364-137-IR-07 Behavior Management for Persons Served
3364-137-IR-11 Patient Financial Information
3364-137-IR-12 Standards of Conduct
3364-137-OM-01 Outcomes
3364-137-OM-02 Records Retention
3364-137-PT-01 Competency Verification Problem Prone/High Risk Procedures
3364-137-PT-02 Driving Instructor Requirements
3364-137-PT-03 Verification of Drivers
3364-137-PT-04 Continuing Education
3364-137-PT-06 New Employees
3364-137-PT-08 Scheduling of Time Away From Area of Responsibility
3364-137-PT-10 Pre-Approval of Overtime
3364-137-PT-11 Dress Code
3364-137-PT-12 Student Education/Volunteers
3364-137-PT-13 Staffing
3364-137-PT-14 Patient Assistance Fund
3364-137-PT-15 Medical Direction of Rehab Programs
3364-137-PT-16 Employee Qualifications/Performance
3364-137-RES-01 Physical Therapy Resident Grievance
3364-137-RES-02 Physical therapy Resident Remediation and Termination
3364-137-RES-03 Physical Therapy Resident Retention/Leave
3364-137-SH-01 Safety Training
3364-137-SH-03 Loss of Power/Water
3364-137-SH-06 Patient Identification
3364-137-SH-07 Appliance Responsibilities
3364-137-SH-09 Use and Storage of Drugs
3364-137-SH-12 Supervision of Patients During Treatment
3364-137-SH-13 Environmental Safety for Persons in Coghlin Rehabilitation Center
3364-137-SH-16 Vehicle Transportation
3364-137-SH-17 Infection Control
3364-137-SH-18 Laundry




Last Updated: 6/24/19