Research and Sponsored Programs



Biomedical Research Innovation Program

Koffman, Boyd

Autoimmune Induced Metabolic Bone Disease

Ronning, Donald

Screening Essential Mycobacterial Enzymes Using TB Active Compounds and Fragments

deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development

Chen, Qian

ADPKD Protein PC2 Interacts with the Hippo Pathway Kinase LATSI in Regulating Cell Proliferation

Conti, Heather Requel

Regulation of Innate Immune Cells by Compliment Factors During Fungal Infection

Hall, Frank

Evaluation of Attentional Deficits in Dopamine Transporter Knockout Mice

Matson, Jyl S

Development of a Screen for Novel Inhibitors of Colistin Resistance in Klebsiella Pneumoniae

Mueser, Timothy

Development of a High-Throughput Assay for Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Inhibition

Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Award

Case, Patricia F., et al

Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Women and URM in STEM Disciplines

Haller, Steven T., et al

Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutics Strategies for Microcystin Hepatotoxicity in Vulnerable Populations 

Phase 0 SBIR/STTR Program

Kim, Dong Shik

 Detection of Reactive Oxygen Free Radicals (Ascense LLC)

STEM Research Innovation Program

Gray, John

Elucidation of Maize Cell Specific Gene Regulatory Network in Vivo

Summer Research Awards and Fellowships  

Abdel-Rahim, Heba Yousef Mohamed

The Effort of Incentives and Informal Controls Over the Reporting of Lower-Level Managers on the Reporting of Higher-Level Managers

Bland, James R

Quantifying the Cost of Behavioral Bias and Optimization Error in Risky Decision-Making

Broxmeyer, Jeffrey Daniel

Political Capitalism: The Party System in New York's Gilded Age

Cox, Jason Matthew

Selling Pre-K: Media, Politics and Policy in the Case of Universal Pre-Kindergarten in New York City

Hopkins, Margaret

Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Leadership

Li, Wei

Conversion of Feedstock Chemicals to Medicinally Relevant Structures 

Pflugrad-Jackisch, Ami Rebecca

The World of Westover: Mary Willing Byrd, Gender, and Slavery in West Virginia

Rai, Saatvika

Unpacking the Collaboration 'Black Box"- Analysis of 14 State Climate Adaption Plans in the United States

Schmidt, Joseph

The First Nickel Catalysts for Enantioselective Allene Hydroamination

Sojoudi, Hossein

A Micro-Nano Scale Approach for Enabling Flow Assurance Inside Oil and Gas Pipelines

Trease, Brian

Design and Characterization of Deployable Multifunctional Systems for Aerospace, Smallsats, & Aeronautics

Xu, Yanqing

GIS-based Analysis of Streetlights and Neighborhood Crime in Detroit, Michigan

Yamazaki, Kasumi

Towards integrative ICALL: Applicability of an intelligent system in JFL classrooms

Zoldan, Evan C

State Enforcement of Legislative Generality

Visiting Faculty Researcher Program

Boddu, Sai Hanuman Sagar

Development and Characterization of Tanshinone IIA Microparticles for Sustained Therapy in Age Related Macular Degeneration

Bridgeman, Thomas B

Basic and Applied Research on Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms (cHABS) in the Maumee River and Lake Eire

Publication Subvention Program

Yockey, Matt Andrew

Publication Subvention request for Make Ours Marvel: Media Convergence and a Comics Universe

Last Updated: 2/21/20