Research and Sponsored Programs


Biomedical Research Innovation Program

de la Serna, Ivana

Inhibiting BRD9 in Melanoma

Eisenmann, Kathryn

Anti-Invasion Therapeutic Interventions with Small Molecules in Patient-Derived Ovarian Cancer Spheroids

Garcia-Mata, Rafael

Identification of Novel Regulators of Invadopodia Formation

Yeung, Kam

Characterization of miRNA as Negative Regulator of the Metastasis Suppressor Gene RKIP and Target for Anti-Metastasis Therapy in RKIP-Deficient Breast Cancer

deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development  

 Crawley, William

Apical Assembly of Specialized 

 Prestwich, Erin

Discovery of New Antibiotic Targets for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infections Through Investigation of DNA Modifications

 Sucheck, Steve

Probes for Chemical Proteomics in M. Tuberculosis and M. Abscessus

 Tiwari, Amit

 Inducing Methuophagy as a Novel Approach to Overcome Apoptosis Resistance in Colon Cancer

Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Award

Green, Karen, et al

Big Data, Big Risk? The Consequences of Corporate Data Breaches

Vestal, Deborah, et al

GBP-1 in Glioblastoma Invasion

Research Awards and Fellowships

Branson, Tyler S. 

Policy Regimes of Writing

Chen, Hao-Wei

Improving Accessing to the Healthcare System Through Physicians' Panel Design

Eshmatov, Alimjon


Gilstrap, Collin

Examining the Capture Ratio

Jex, David N.

Music Composition of the Ballet "The Ugly Duckling"

Lammon, Bryan

Class Action Appeals

Moorhead, Daryl

Balancing Substrate Enzyme and Biomass Dynamics in an Analytical Model of Energy and Nutrient Interactions During Plant Litter Decay

Rizvi, Reza

Development and Characterization of Two-Way Dynamically Porous Polymers

Yan, Xinghao

The Analysis of the Strategies Adopted to Handle Customer Returns

STEM Research Innovation Program

Kirchhoff, Jon &
Isailovic, Dragan

New Materials for the Detection, Analysis, and Removal of Cyanotoxins

Visiting Faculty Research Program

Elahinia, Mohammad

Fatigue Behavior of NITI Shape Memory Alloys: Experimental and Modeling Aspects

Fisher, Timothy

Volumetric Index of the Plankton (VIP) - Rapid Bioassessment of Plankton in teh Western Basin of Lake Erie

Publication Subvention

Mattison, Andrew

Solitude and Speechlessness: Obscure Ambitions in Renaissance Literature

Last Updated: 2/21/20