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Health Professions Living Learning Community



Better Health through Better Living

The Health Professions Living Learning Community (HPLLC), located within Presidents Hall, is an exciting residential opportunity open to all students.

The community is developed and nurtured through interactive programming, personal engagement and interaction with students, faculty and staff members. Engaging, fun team building programs, coupled with exclusive HPLLC events and the support of an HPLLC Ambassador will help you focus on the team skills you’ll need as a healthcare professional. 

HPLLC Benefits

  • Live in a community that is conducive to your academic success
  • Develop friendships in a positive environment
  • Participate in high impact programming created exclusively for HPLLC residents
  • Give back to the community
  • Build leadership skills to help you grow and advance
  • Explore personal growth for success
  • Live in Presidents Hall, a suite-style community

HPLLC Requirements

  • Attend HPLLC Orientation prior to the beginning of classes
  • Participate in HPLLC sponsored programs and campus events each semester
  • Meet bi-weekly with your HPLLC Ambassador
  • Meet monthly with HPLLC members, faculty and staff members
  • $75 per semester programming fee for HPLLC members

View our brochure for major requirements and to learn more. 

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Contact Information

Ali Moore, Hall Director for Presidents Hall and HPLLC

Taylor Robbins, Graduate Assistant HPLLC

Last Updated: 6/30/19