University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospect Profile 2016

  1. Does ESI currently stock 3MTM VHBTM Tape?
    1. ESI is a 3M distributor but does not currently stock 3MTM VHBTM Tape.
  2. Would an end customer have to order from ESI or can they buy direct from 3M? 
    1. End customers like a RMC would need to order VHBTM Tape from ESI or another 3M distributor.  An exception would be for an end customer that wants to do a prototype/test.
  3. Can we grant exclusive rights to ESI for selling our product to RMC?
    1. No, this would not be typical in this situation.
  4. Do we already know that the OEM end customer is RMC?  
    1. Based on internal conversations with the 3M technical support team, sellers/students suspect that Roundhouse Motor Company (RMC) is the client that is ordering larger quantities of materials that indicate an OEM.  Such an OEM would be a good prospect for VHBTM Tape. 
    2. This is why we provided the Roundhouse Motor Company (RMC) background information in the same document as the ESI information – to give you insight into such OEM’s and possibly THE OEM.
  5. Since we know some of the key contacts at RMC, what exactly are we closing/trying to get from ESI?
    1. The sellers/students will need to confirm that hunch with ESI and try to leverage ESI’s contacts at RMC to organize an initial sales call with RMC.  Since you now have some names of key contacts at RMC, please treat those as contacts you figured out doing background research on LinkedIn.
    2. Remember that in dealing with ESI you need to learn about and address their needs and those of their customers.
Last Updated: 6/27/22