University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

UTISC Sponsor Information


Finding top & available sales talent - FIRST!

Smart companies are recognizing that younger college students have the skills, coachability, and confidence, and they want to find tomorrow’s super stars FIRST. Cast your organization into the rich waters of the UTISC for a higher probability of offer acceptance. Avoid the frustration of trying to snag seniors who already have accepted jobs or have multiple offers on the table.  The UTISC is the first and only national sales competition to focus exclusively on the non-senior!

  • Think interns!
  • Identify top talent sooner
  • Interview top students

See the top universities that are competing

social media competition

Gift boxes with sponsor and UTISC swag are going to the 36 universities (100+ students) along with instructions on the social media competition. 

Most sponsors (Blue through Product) will have their OWN award to give for this connection element.  Sponsors will each choose the student who best captured their company’s employer brand.  General awards will be given for best caption, most sponsor logos in the picture, most artistic picture, etc. 


  • Sponsors ship promotional items to UToledo/ESSPS to arrive no later than February 10, 2021
  • Universities receive the gift boxes (includes instructions) the week of February 15, 2021
  • Students watch on-demand webinar on social media unboxing and review sponsor websites and profiles - anytime
  • Students participate in sponsor info sessions and/or call-ins (sponsors choose the format) to learn more about the employer brand and company during the week of February 15, 2021
  • Students post unboxing pictures on LinkedIn that include effective captions and hashtags (#yourcompanynamehere and #UnboxingUTISC) that communicate their understanding and appreciation of the sponsors and UTISC.  Posting period is February 22 (M) - February 24 (W), 2021
  • Sponsors select winners at the end of February 24 (W) and announce their company's winner on February 25 (R) at the UTISC Welcome. 

Sponsor Preparation

Sponsor Registration

Event Logistics (important dates, agenda, connection opportunities)

UTISC Showcase (preparation videos, role plays, and recruiting videos)

Resumes for the competitors, alternates, and helpers will be sent to the sponsors who get resumes as part of their sponsorship 2 weeks prior to the competition.

Sponsors are recommended to bring a team of 6 or more people so that students and sponsors both get the best experience and value.  Sponsor attendees will serve as judges and also get to interact with top and available sales students during the coaching/interviewing sessions (Glass sponsors and higher), buying, Career Fair, and much more.  UTISC has 20+ connection opportunities!  We recommend a blend of Sales and HR professionals with more on the sales side to better connect with these top sales students.

Keeping our sponsors fed and focused is important!  Food delivery e-allowances through Grubhub are provided and are based on how much of the event each team member is participating in.


Sponsorship Benefits

To help promote stronger and more exclusive access with the talented and available professional sales students, there are limits on the number of sponsors for most sponsor levels.

  • Why Rocket Sponsor?
    • Interact with the rest of the UToledo Sales Competition Team (fall and spring)
    • Recruiting video in the spotlight and in a channel of the UTISC Showcase
    • Share career expertise in the Student Development Career Block
    • All coaching/interviewing (3 blocks) will be with peer coaches and/or competitors
    • Get more: Tickets to entertainment to networking with students and faculty, Awards Reception seats
    • Includes ESSPS Platinum Corporate Partnership
  • Why Glass Sponsor?
  • Why Blue Sponsor?
    • Coaching/Interviewing (1-3 blocks) with competitors and/or alternates
    • Resumes on competitors, alternates, peer coaches, and UToledo workers (2 weeks prior, approx.)
    • University Contacts List on the faculty and students (2 weeks prior, approx.)
    • Opportunity to play buyer
    • Tickets to entertainment to networking with students and faculty
    • Awards Reception seats
    • Promo item included in the university box and OWN award at the social media competition
    • Featured on an expert panel in a webinar

For information on the exclusive and extensive sponsor benefits for the UTISC, please contact ESSPS Director, Deirdre Jones, at 419-530-2978 or

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Last Updated: 12/8/20