University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

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Finding top & available sales talent - FIRST!

Smart companies are recognizing that younger college students have the skills, coachability, and confidence, and they want to find tomorrow’s super stars FIRST. Cast your organization into the rich waters of the UTISC for a higher probability of offer acceptance. Avoid the frustration of trying to snag seniors who already have accepted jobs or have multiple offers on the table.  The UTISC is the first and only national sales competition to focus exclusively on the non-senior!

  • Think interns!
  • Identify top talent sooner
  • Interview top students

See the top universities that are competing

Sponsor Preparation

See the top universities that are competing

Sponsor Registration

Event logistics (important dates, agenda, getting to campus, etc)

Check out the UTISC Showcase for preparation videos, role plays, and recruiting videos

Resumes for the competitors, alternates, and helpers will be sent to the sponsors who get resumes as part of their sponsorship 2 weeks prior to the competition.

Sponsors are recommended to bring a team of 6 or more people so that students and sponsors both get the best experience and value.  Sponsor attendees will provide coverage on the coaching/interviewing sessions (Glass sponsors and higher)*, judging*, buying*, and Career Fair.  We recommend a blend of Sales and HR professionals with more on the sales side to better connect with these top sales students.

All sponsor attendees are strongly encouraged to attend the Welcome Reception, Faculty Reception, and Orientation* that take place Thursday evening.  The Welcome Reception is a great way to welcome all guests and kick-off the event.  The Faculty Reception is exclusive time for the faculty and sponsors to network so the sponsors can learn more about the various university sales programs.  The Orientation will provide highly valuable information on workflow, roles, etc so everyone knows where to go and what to do for the remainder of the UTISC.  Sponsors will also find the videos in the Preparation channel in the UTISC Showcase helpful. 

Sponsor attendees will be scheduled for an entire round at a time to ensure fairness in the competition.  The students are competing within their role play rooms with the top students in each room advancing, so it is critical that the same judges evaluate each of the students and that the same person plays buyer for each of the students.  There are 5 rounds to the UTISC (Round 1, Wild Card, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Finals), and we will be running 12 role play rooms simultaneously each round (Finals will be 2 role play rooms).

Judges* will use the following evaluation sheet.  Competitors will receive their evaluation sheets at the end of the competition.

Buyers* will have access to the public and private buyer profiles for the round(s) where they play buyer 1-2 weeks prior to the UTISC.  It is critical that the private buyer profiles remain private at all times.  Universities will receive the public profiles for Round 1 (and Wild Card), Quarter Finals, and Semi-Finals 3 weeks or more prior.  The profile for Finals will be distributed shortly after the Finalists are announced.

Coaches/Interviewers* will have 3, 30 minute blocks during the UTISC to coach and/or interview students that have been selected for them.  Coaches/Interviewers are sponsors at the Product, Rocket, Glass, or Blue level.  The number of student sessions per block for a sponsor will be determined based on overall headcount (student and sponsor) and sponsor level.  Higher level sponsors will get more coaching/interviewing sessions and more of the peer coaches and competitors than the alternates.  When the number of students cannot be evenly distributed within the same sponsor level, those UTISC sponsors who are also ESSPS program sponsors will be given priority.

Career Fair will take place concurrent to the UTISC on Friday.  Traffic can be sporadic and vary from busy to slow.  Sponsors will be provided with a skirted 8' table and 2 chairs.  Sponsors will be provided with raffle tickets to pass out to students who actively engage them at the Career Fair.  The raffle tickets will be entered into a drawing for the students to win prizes.  We suggest 1 ticket for a basic interaction, 2 tickets for an engaging interaction (good questions and energy), and 3 tickets for a stellar interaction (evident background research, great questions, sincere energy).

Entertainment will take place on Friday evening.  Select sponsors will have their own branded lane, and students will rotate through to play axe throwing games with the sponsors.  Semi Finalists and Career Fair raffle prize winners are both announced at the entertainment.  Select sponsor tickets are based on sponsor level (Product-10 tickets, Rocket-6 tickets, Glass-4 tickets). 

Awards Luncheon will take place on the last day to announce the results from Finals and university team awards.  Semi Finalists will also be recognized.  Sponsors will be provided with tickets.  The number of tickets is based on sponsor level (Product-unlimited, Rocket-unlimited, Glass-4 tickets, Blue-2 tickets).

Sponsorship Benefits

To help promote stronger and more exclusive access with the talented and available professional sales students, there are limits on the number of sponsors for most sponsor levels.

For information on the exclusive and extensive sponsor benefits for the UTISC, please contact ESSPS Director, Deirdre Jones, at 419-530-2978 or

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Last Updated: 12/4/19