University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)


We will need an army of students to help us host our guests from all over the country in this one of a kind national sales competition.  

Help the ESSPS and yourself:

  • $15 gift card to Amazon per shift with bonus card to those who participate in 3 or 4 shifts - earn as much as $90!
    • 3 shifts = $60
    • 4 shifts = $90
  • Meals and snacks provided
  • Resumes shared with the top companies that are sponsoring
  • Networking opportunities with sponsors as you help run judging rooms, host the career fair, escort competitors, etc
  • Fun meeting new students
  • Cool UTISC t-shirt to wear during your shift(s) and keep

Workers will be onsite and masked throughout the Savage Business Complex and Student Union and will be assisting onsite and online guests.  Workers for the same area (ie: role play and judge room A) will be together and will be dedicated to that area's onsite or online guests so guest experience is coordinated.

Interested students can sign-up online.  Contact the ESSPS at or 419-530-6133 with any questions.


Last Updated: 6/27/22