University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)


Important Deadlines - Universities

  • University registration (by invitation). Registration is $150/student. Alternates encouraged. - August 3, 2020
  • Student Registration and Resumes - 1 junior competitor, 1 freshman/sophomore competitor, alternate(s), and peer coach(es) - January 29, 2021


Important Deadlines - Sponsors

  • Logo (300 dpi in jpg or eps) - January 15, 2021 (by December 31 preferable)
  • Recruiting video link (mp4 or downloadable link, Glass Sponsors and higher) - January 15, 2021 (by December 31 preferable)
  • Organization profile Update/Review profile in Memberclicks - sales internships, entry level positions, sales development program, career lattice, etc - January 31, 2021 
  • Sponsor Registration Sponsors are recommended to bring a team of 6 or more people so that students and sponsors both get the best experience and value.  Sponsor attendees will serve as judges and also get to interact with top and available sales students during the coaching/interviewing sessions (Glass sponsors and higher), buying, Career Fair Exploration, and much more.  UTISC has 19 connection opportunities!  We recommend a blend of Sales and HR professionals with more on the sales side to better connect with these top sales students. - January 31, 2021
  • Check - January 31, 2021
  • Promotional item for the university box - February 10, 2021


Important Deadlines - UTISC

  • Resumes sent to sponsors (all but Introductory Sponsors) - week of February 8, 2021
  • Faculty contact sheet sent to sponsors (all but Introductory Sponsors) - week of February 8, 2021
  • Role Play Schedule, Coaching/Interviewing Pairings, and Prospect Profile (Private) to all guests (private profile only to those playing buyer) - week of February 15, 2021
  • University boxes with UTISC and sponsor promotional items to universities - week of February 22, 2021


  • Thursday - evening welcome reception, faculty reception, and orientation
  • Friday - all day competition, partial day career fair, coaching/interviewing sessions (2), and evening entertainment
  • Saturday - more competition and coaching/interviewing session (1) with an awards banquet that will wrap by mid-afternoon
  • Detailed agenda

Making Connections

UTISC connects 300+ people from 50+ organizations and 20+ states to identify and develop top and available collegiate sales talent.  In the interest of promoting safety and adherence to pandemic protocols from the CDC, ODH, UToledo, and the multitude of organizations and states that we serve, UTISC 2021 (February 25-27) will be online.

UTISC provides 20 distinct connection opportunities for sponsors and universities and is the nation’s 1st and only national sales competition dedicated exclusively to the non-senior!  Connection opportunities with the 36 universities and 100+ top and available sales students vary by sponsor level and include:


  1. Meet the Teams
  2. Faculty/Sponsor Breakouts
  3. Student Development
  4. Role Play Competition Judging
  5. Role Play Competition Buying
  6. Career Fair Exploration
  7. Coaching/Interviewing Sessions
  8. Entertainment
  9. Discussion Forums
  10. UToledo Sales Competition Team Workshops
  11. Webinars



  1. Resumes
  2. Sortable/Filterable University Contact List
  3. Promo Item in University Box
  4. Profiles in Memberclicks
  5. Logo + Link on Website
  6. Logo in Showcase
  7. Recruiting Video Channel
  8. Orientation and Awards
  9. Diamond Corporate Partner Class Module Extension

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