University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)


Important Deadlines - Universities

  • University registration (by invitation). Registration is $150/student (and any extra faculty) for full access universities and $125/student (and any extra faculty) for development universities (development university rate is $100/student and any extra faculty for those who will be online). Full access universities are encouraged to bring alternates and peer coaches. August 2022
  • Student Registration and Resumes - 1 junior competitor, 1 freshman/sophomore competitor, alternate(s), peer coach(es), and learner(s).  Competitors for role plays cannot be former UTISC finalists. - January 27, 2023
  • Hotel and flight reservations - January 27, 2023
  • Reimbursement requests - March 31, 2023


Important Deadlines - Sponsors

  • Logo (300 dpi in jpg or eps) - January 15, 2023 (by December 31 preferable)
  • Ad (300 dpi in jpg or eps, Glass Sponsors and higher) - January 15, 2023 (by December 31 preferable)
  • Recruiting video link (mp4 or downloadable link, Glass Sponsors and higher) - January 15, 2023 (by December 31 preferable)
  • Organization profile Update/Review profile in Memberclicks - sales internships, entry level positions, sales development program, career lattice, etc (see guide for companies) - January 31, 2023 
  • Sponsor Registration Sponsors are recommended to bring a team of 6 or more people so that students and sponsors both get the best experience and value.  Sponsor attendees will serve as judges and also get to interact with top and available sales students during the coaching/interviewing sessions (Blue Sponsors and higher), buying, Career Fair, and much more.  UTISC has 16 connection opportunities!  We recommend a blend of Sales and HR professionals with more on the sales side to better connect with these top sales students. - January 31, 2023
  • Check - January 31, 2023


Important Deadlines - UTISC

  • Resumes sent to sponsors (all but Introductory Sponsors) - week of February 6, 2023
  • Faculty and student contact sheet sent to sponsors - week of February 6, 2023
  • Career Fair layout - week of February 6, 2023
  • Role Play Schedule, Development Block Schedule, and Assignment Schedule (shows Judges, Buyers, and Coaching/Interviewing Pairings) in CARLOS and Prospect Profile to all guests (private profile only to those playing buyer) - week of February 13, 2023
  • Calendar invites with workflow, and supporting links/docs for each portion of the UTISC - week of February 13, 2023
  • Grubhub setup - week of February 13, 2023 (online participants only)




  • Thursday - evening welcome, meet teams, orientation, and development blocks
  • Friday - role play competition, career fair, development blocks, coaching/interviewing session, and evening entertainment
  • Saturday - role play competition finals, coaching/interviewing session, and awards banquet that will wrap by mid-afternoon
  • Detailed agenda
  • UTISC Connections

Travel Information and Reimbursements - Universities

Hotel accommodations for the universities will be at the Hampton Inn located minutes from the UToledo main campus and immediately off of I-475 (right next to Holiday Inn Express & Suites). Please call 419-214-5555 to confirm your rooms and ask for the UToledo Invitational Sales Competition block. 

    • Hotel reservations in the UTISC block at the UTISC approved rate need to be made by each university by January 27, 2023 to guarantee space and UToledo reimbursing the room.  UToledo is reimbursing for 2-3 guest rooms per full access university for Thursday night and Friday night. Incidentals, extra nights, and booking outside of the UTISC block/rate are the responsibility of the guest. The rooms that are covered will be based on the mix of who is competing (student competitors of the same gender are required to share a room) and will include 1 faculty room.
    • The hotel block includes standard rooms and suites.  The suites are very spacious, and some of the suites have 2 queens and 1 sleeper sofa.  If you are bringing alternates that match the genders of your competitors, we suggest the suites so you can avoid paying for the extra room(s).
    • The Hampton Inn has free hot breakfast daily and free high speed internet/wireless in the guest rooms and lobby.
    • The Hampton Inn will provide space on Saturday to hold luggage after check-out.

Reimbursements to full access universities will be made for airfare (2 competitors and 1 faculty) OR mileage (1 vehicle).  Airfare booked after the deadline will be reimbursed on a sliding scale. 

Airfare must be economy/coach arriving at the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and booked by January 27, 2023.   The Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) has better service and is less than 1 hour from the hotel and UToledo main campus. 

Mileage will be reimbursed for one vehicle for those full access universities who are only driving and will be based on the government rate.

Full access universities that are flying may also submit for reimbursement of driving travel in the form of a rental vehicle or Uber/Lyft/Taxi with a limit of $200 (limit of $270 if the university brought alternates).  If submitting the Uber/Lyft/Taxi route, we will only reimburse for one round trip each day between the main campus and hotel (plus one round trip DTW and entertainment). 

Reimbursements are based on invitation type, when you accept, and having students engaged throughout UTISC. For complete details, please read this entire page as there are deadlines and other stipulations.  Missing students during any portion of the UTISC will impact reimbursements and team awards as will faculty coaches who miss judging.

  Full Access Development
Hotel Yes

Only for first 5 universities who accept.

Up to 3 rooms.

Airfare Yes No
Mileage Yes No
Rental Vehicle Yes No

REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS - submit by March 31, 2023


Getting to Campus and Parking

Please be mindful of time and make sure to get to campus in advance of role playing, judging, buying, working the career fair, etc. 

Arrangements have been made with UToledo Parking for guests to park in Lots 10 and 1N without registering an online permit.  Please be sure to use only these lots as using other lots will result in a ticket.  Please see our Event Parking page for further details.

Campus Map

Driving Directions

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