University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

Making Connections

UTISC provides 16 distinct connection opportunities for universities and sponsors and is the nation’s 1st and only national sales competition dedicated exclusively to the non-senior!  Connection opportunities with the 36+ universities and 120+ top and available sales students vary by sponsor level and include:



  1. Meet the Teams
  2. Development Blocks
  3. Coaching/Interviewing Sessions
  4. Role Play Judging
  5. Role Play Buying
  6. Career Fair
  7. Entertainment
  8. Social Media Competition


  1. Resumes
  2. Sortable/Filterable University Contact List
  3. Results Report
  4. Profiles in Memberclicks
  5. Logo and/or Link on Website
  6. Logo and Link on Showcase
  7. Recruiting Video Channel
  8. Diamond Corporate Partner Class Module Extension


View Agendato see the timing for direct connections.

Visit the UTISC CONNECTIONSsite for information on workflow, links, sponsor profiles, and student resumes.

Learn more about how engagement factors into the points system

Premier UTISC Sponsors and ESSPS Partners have special bundles with additional connections that include UTISC and the UToledo professional sales program (ESSPS).


Onsite will be the prime modality at UTISC with select elements having online options for sponsors.

  • Development Blocks
    • A supporting presenter/panelist may be online if the sponsor’s primary facilitator is onsite
  • Role Play Judging
    • Online judges must have previous UTISC or university national sales competition judging experience and a good track record of being timely and attentive
    • Sponsor must have at least 3 onsite attendees

Online sponsor participant setup and flow



University focused networking so sponsors can learn more about a university's professional sales programs while meeting faculty coaches, competitors, alternates, peer coaches, and other students


All Universities

meet the teams



Highly interactive workshops or panels with most sponsors on time management, building your personal brand, mindset, work/life integration, what's my pay (how to get there), etc.

Students complete a survey prior to the event to share their topic preferences. Sponsors share topic preferences when they commit to sponsorship.

Recorded so that students can securely access content and insights on-demand beyond the sessions they attended live.

Full topic list and details

All Universities

 student development block


Sessions are held 2 times during the course of UTISC so students can get career and sales coaching AND an interview.  Sessions are 1-1 or small group.

Best Practices

Full Access Universities Only

coaching interviewing



Feedback on sales process.  Judges stay in the same room for an entire round to maintain consistency and fairness and will be able to see students from each division over the course of the 2 round, tournament style competition.  Judges enter scores themselves using online score entry CARLOS.  Judge evals are shared with the universities after the UTISC. 

Best Practices



Bring the case to life followed by 1-1 debrief.  Buyers stay in the same room for an entire round to maintain consistency and fairness.  Private details of the case (decision making process, social style, needs, calculations, objections, close, etc) and an overview video are provided in advance of the competition to help the buyers prepare. 

Best Practices



Early career sales professionals, sales leaders, and HR recruiters interact with students to help them get a better understanding of the amazing internship, entry level, and future career lattice opportunities that exist. 

Students will be entered into a raffle once for each sponsor they talk to via their QR code scans.  Winners will be drawn and announced at the entertainment. 

All Universities

career fair 


Students will collect sponsor swag at the UTISC Career Fair and will use it in their LinkedIn posts during the posting period. 

Most sponsors (Blue through Product) will have their OWN award to give for this connection element.  Sponsors will each choose the student who best captured their company’s employer brand.  General awards will be given for best caption, most artistic picture and video, etc. 

See complete details on the Social Media Competition

Posts related to sponsors also earn engagement points.

All Universities

social media competition 



Reset Rossford and includes a select group of sponsors (tickets vary by sponsor level).

Finalists and Career Fair raffle winners will be announced during the entertainment.

All Universities



Resumes, Contact Lists, and Profiles

Pre-screen, prepare, and follow-up with ease with access to contact information, descriptions, and files in UTISC Connections.

  • Resumes - available 2 weeks before UTISC
  • Contact Lists - sortable and filterable; available 2 weeks before UTISC
  • Profiles - via directory search and career fair page; available as people register and organizations commit to sponsoring
 resume directory profiles

Results Report

Shows the rankings for students and universities on role plays, engagement, and total (role play + engagement) along with composite role play scores for each student and round to paint a more comprehensive picture of collegiate sales talent.

Logo and Link on Showcase

Logo and link to select sponsors' career website from the UTISC Showcase

Recruiting Video Channel

Recruiting video displayed in the UTISC Showcase spotlight rotation and/or recruiting video channel
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