University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

Results 2020


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Top 10 University Teams

1. Florida State University
2. Bowling Green State University
3. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
4. University of North Alabama
5. Utah State University
6. Baylor University
7. (tie) Asbury University
7. (tie) University of Toledo
7. (tie) University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
10. Plymouth State University


Junior Division Finalists

Champion - Victoria Whitworth, Baylor University
Runner-up - Megan Robbins, Florida State University
3rd - Kalila Jeffrey, Asbury University
4th - Sophia Barnes, Bowling Green State University
5th - Santosh Ramesh, Oregon State University
6th - Nicholas Harris, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Sophomore/Freshman Division Finalists

Champion - Andrew Marino, Utah State University
Runner-up - Ashton Johnson, University of Toledo
3rd - Aubrey Kuhn, Purdue University
4th - Taylor Sposato, Florida State University
5th - Rachel Clark, Plymouth State University
6th - Bobbi Bukovac, University of North Alabama


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Last Updated: 2/22/20