University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

Social Media Competition


Before UTISC


During UTISC

  • Students will network and collect sponsor swag at the UTISC Career Fair and will use the knowledge gained and swag in their LinkedIn posts
  • Posting period is February 20 (M) through March 1 (W)
  • Sponsors will send their winners to the UTISC Director no later than March 2 (R) (how to search hashtags



  • All UTISC students other than high school observers
  • Must use the designated hashtags of #UnboxingUTISC and one from the table below
  • Posts should capture an understanding of the sponsor's brand for employees and/or customers and an appreciation for their support of UTISC
  • Enter as many competitions as you want!
  • Each sponsor related post earns a competitor student 0.50 points for engagement.  Engagement points counts toward the team awards and travel reimbursements, and each competitor needs at least 1 sponsor related social media post.  Each sponsor organization can only count once for engagement points.  See points for further details
  • Only Blue through Product sponsors are part of the Social Media Competition


Hashtags and Awards


#3m $250
#NationalCorporateHousing $200
#Mediasite $200
#InternationalPaper $100
#Fastenal $100
#Hilti $100
#Gartner $100
#OwensCorning $100









#CapturingUTISC enter for best caption


#ArtofSales enter for most artistic picture and video

$100 extra hashtag for most reactions (likes, celebrations, etc)

Last Updated: 2/16/23