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Exchange Visitors

University HAllProspective J-1 Exchange Visitor Information

  • English Attestation - required English attestation document must be on department letterhead and signed but requester.

Current J-1 Exchange Visitor Information

 J-1 Prearrival Checklist: Important information for future J-1 Exchange Visitors.

  • Learn how to pay the SEVIS Fee, how to carry documents through the airport, and more.

Health Insurance Resources: While UT cannot evaluate, recommend, or endorse any specific health insurance company or policy, see a list of providers below.

Transportation Options from Toledo & Detroit Metro Airports

Transportation Options around Toledo

Maintaining J-1 Status: Immigration regulations for all J-1 categories.


J-1 Handbook: Information regarding J-1 immigration regulations and UT policies and procedures as they relate to the J-1 program.

Change of Status: Your eligibility to change to another nonimmigrant status may be limited. Click the link to see the various handouts for a change of status.

Dependent DS-2019 Request Form: Use to invite your spouse and/or child to U.S. as a J-2. Submit the Add SEVIS Dependent Request form through your iRocket Portal to request a J-2 DS-2019.

Academic Training (student categories only): Employment integral to an exchange visitor's academic program which may occur during and after the completion of studies.

Extension of Program: A J-1 must complete their program by end date indicated on Line #3 of DS-2019. If the individual cannot complete the program by this date, contact OISSS for an extension before the end date.

  • Extension of Program (student categories only)
  • For Short-Term Scholars, Research Scholars, and Professors. OISSS will need the following:
    • Verification Letter from UT department with a new end date,
    • Proof of continued funding must be up to date within the last month, 
    • Proof of continued health insurance coverage.

Co-Enrollment (student categories only): A student can be enrolled in two different schools at the same time (concurrent enrollment), as long as the enrollment in both schools amounts to a full-time course of study.


  • Transfer in J-1s must email OISSS to initiate the transfer process. The J-1 scholar/student, OISSS, previous institution, and the UT department will coordinate the transfer details.
    • A transfer is allowed if the research topic and J-1 category will remain the same at UT.
    • A J-1 student may transfer if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the academic objective for which he or she was admitted.
    • The start date at UT must be the day following the last day at the prior institution. A gap between program sponsorship is not allowed.
  • Transfer out J-1s must submit the Transfer Out Form through the iRocket Portal and upload a copy of an acceptance letter or email confirming new research program to OISSS.
    • Students must withdraw from all UT courses before the transfer out is complete.

J-2 Employment Authorization

  • Dependents of J-1 Exchange Visitors in J-2 status are eligible to apply to the USCIS for employment authorization. J-2 dependents are not permitted to work or to receive a U.S. Social Security Number until they have received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card from USCIS. Average processing time is 3 months.
  • J-2 dependents with employment authorization may work until the date on the EAD card or until the J-1 completes his/her program, whichever is earlier. J-2 dependents may apply to renew work authorization, as long as the J-1 remains in status.

 Miscellaneous Information

  • Need a visitation letter? Check out our Letter policy!
  • Want to Travel? Submit the Travel Signature Pre-approval request form through the iRocket Portal at least a week before traveling to get the document signed!
  • Have you moved? Submit the Information Update form in your iRocket Portal to update your local U.S. address.
Last Updated: 12/10/19