Office of International Student & Scholar Services

New Students


1.  Start checking your Rocket email account

Important information from UToledo will be sent to this email.  All new students should begin checking their Rockets email account regularly for official University correspondence.  Set up your Rocket email at UTAD Account Management

2.  Start visa application process

Pay the SEVIS Fee and make your visa appointment.

  • Before you can apply for your first F-1 visa for entry into the United States, you must pay the mandatory Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) I-901 processing fee of $350.  This is a separate payment from the visa application fee. 
  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee online.  You must have your I-20 available when you pay this fee.  The SEVIS fee must be paid in U.S. dollars by mail, online or through Western Union’s “Quick Pay” service.  The University of Toledo’s SEVIS School Code is CLE214F00330000.  Go to USCIS FMJ Fee.
  • Keep the receipt of your payment.  You must present the receipt as proof of payment at your visa appointment and at the U.S. port of entry. 
  • Canadian citizens must present the SEVIS fee payment receipt at the U.S. port of entry.  You cannot pay the SEVIS fee at the border.
  • Make your visa appointment.
    • After your I-901 fee has been paid, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate to schedule your visa interview. 
    • Complete your visa application and pay the visa application fee. Visa application processing times vary by country, so please check with your nearest U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate for correct processing times.  For more detail, go to U.S. Travel Docs
    • Follow the directions provided by the U.S. Embassy when you schedule and arrive for your interview.
    • Prepare for the visa interview.
    • Visa interviews are usually very brief, but it is important to come prepared.
    • Here are some useful tips for your interview:
      • Provide evidence of ties to your home country. Mention jobs, family, financial prospects and investments in your home country, since these will give you a reason to return after completing your studies.
      • Practice speaking English. Your interview will take place in English. Practice the interview with a native English speaker, if possible.
      • Know your program and how it fits your career plans. Inform the interviewing officer of your reasons for studying a certain program in the U.S. Also, tell the officer how you will use this education after you return home.
      • Be concise. Consular officers are busy; you should expect only 2-3 minutes of their time. Keep your answers short.
      • Make your employment intentions clear. The main purpose of going to the U.S. should be to study. Make it clear to your officer that you intend to return to your home country for employment after finishing your U.S. education.

If you have questions, contact Office of International Student and Scholars at

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3.  Make housing arrangements

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4.  Apply for orientation

Orientation is required for all new and transfer undergraduate and graduate students. Once you complete your orientation requirement, you will be eligible to meet with an academic advisor and register for classes.

For more details or to register for orientation: International Orientation.

5.  Complete placement tests

Placement tests are used by our departments to place you into the correct math, chemistry and foreign language courses. It is crucial to your academic success at UToledo that you take the placement tests seriously and complete them on your own. Review the test subject(s) prior to taking the placement tests.

Placement tests are based on your major. Click on your ADMITTED College to determine which placement tests you will need to complete.

Your academic advisor will provide information about English placement tests. If needed, click here to fill out the ESL test request form.

You can also find information on the UToledo Testing Services Website.

For more details, or request testing accommodations, visit Office of New Student Orientation Programs

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Before arriving to the U.S.

6.  airport pickup OPTIONS

  • Login to iRocket Portal. 
  • Under the Orientation tab, click on “Airport Pickup Transportation Providers.”
  • View local transportation providers

7.  Submit immunization requirements

To promote the health and safety of our students, employees and patients, UToledo requires students to provide proof of vaccination against several infectious diseases.

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) - documentation of two MMR immunizations required of all new undergraduate students.
  • Meningitis - required of new undergraduate students under the age of 22. 
  • To upload your documentation or to request an exemption, visit the UToledo Vaccine Registry. 


All incoming students with country of birth, country of citizenship, or application address indicating time spent in a country of high tuberculosis (TB) incidence per the World Health Organization (WHO) will be subject to mandatory onsite screening for active tuberculosis.

8.  Waive or select student health insurance

Health Insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students:  Read the Student Health Insurance Requirements 

9.  Submit your student ID (Rocket Card) request

  • The Rocket Card is the official UToledo identification card and provides students quick access to campus services. It also functions as a payment card for services both on and off campus. To pick up your Rocket Card when you arrive on campus, you must upload your own photo and submit the request prior to your departure.
  • To submit your Rocket Card request, visit: Office of New Student Orientation Program's Rocket Card page.  

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Before classes begin

10.  Review How To Videos/Office Resources 

Become familiar with different offices on campus as well as commonly asked questions. Go to our How-To Videos page.

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11.  Send final transcripts

  • Upon graduation from high school, or completion of your last term at another college/university, request that your final transcript(s) from each institution you have attended be sent to the following address (only first year undergraduates must submit high school transcripts):
For undergraduate students  For graduate students

Office of International Admission
The University of Toledo
2801 W Bancroft St
Toledo OH 43606 USA
Mail Stop 132
Snyder Memorial 1060

College of Graduate Studies
The University of Toledo
2801 W Bancroft St
Toledo OH 43606 USA
Mail Stop 933
University Hall 3420

12.  Register for disability accommodations

If you believe you may be eligible for a disability accommodation, please register with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources. The registration process includes an intake interview. Students are encouraged to contact Accessibility and Disability Resources as soon as possible to ensure accommodations are in place before classes begin. Go to Accessibility and Disability Resources.

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13.  Purchase a parking permit (if needed)

  • Student parking permits are based on earned credit hours, residential status and program type. If you need to park on campus, you can purchase a $129 permit to use for the entire semester or a $5 daily guest permit just for the days you will be on campus. Or, you can use the ParkMobile App to pay hourly for metered spaces around campus. Go to the Park Mobile App.
  • At the University’s parking website, ParkUToledo you can access interactive parking maps, purchase permits, and find other helpful information. Permits are available to purchase in August for fall classes and in December for spring classes.  Got to ParkUToledo.

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When you arrive on Campus

Welcome to Toledo! We are thrilled to have you as a member of Rocket Nation and the campus community. As you prepare to begin classes, there are a few more steps that are important for your smooth start at The University of Toledo:

  • Finish your international student check in form (after you arrived in U.S.).
  • Attend an in-person resource fair.  For Resource Fair date and time, see the International Welcome Week Schedule.
  • Attend International Teaching Assistant screening (ONLY for graduate students who will become a teaching assistant).
  • Attend orientation (if you did not do so when you were back home).  Find the dates on the International Student Welcome Week page.
  • Contact your advisor and meet to register for classes.   Watch the video How to Find Your Advisor.
  • Pay your bills after registering for classes.  Watch the How to Pay Your Bills video.
  • Look up your textbooks after you register for classes.  To learn how to find your textbooks, go to the How to Get Your Textbooks page
  • Open a bank account. To open a bank account, follow the instructions and fill out the Huntington Bank International Student Form.  Note:  If you are living on campus, look up your On Campus Mailing Address.
  • Get your new phone/SIM card if needed.  Visit Rocket Wireless in person (located in Student Union 1560) or on their Rocket Wireless Plans page.  Mint Mobile is another popular company that international students use. You can stop by OISSS (Snyder Memorial Room 1000) to get a sim card for Mint Mobile.
  • Update your personal information in myUT portal and iRocket Portal.
  • Get a driver license (if needed).  Learn how on our Driver's License page.
  • Work on the I-9 paperwork through the iRocket portal (if you are a graduate student with an assistantship or working on campus). 


  • Attend as many International Welcome Week events as possible! Go to our Welcome Week page.

Late Arrival

Tell the following people that you will arrive to campus late. 

  • The international undergraduate admission office (undergraduate students only) at
  • Your academic advisor at your college.
  • Your instructors for the classes you've registered. 

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Additional Resources 

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Last Updated: 2/5/24