Office of International Student & Scholar Services

OIC Mission & Activities

Who We Are

The Ohio International Consortium (OIC) was established in 1991 in order to identify, develop, and expand beneficial international relationships that might contribute to the enhancement of Ohio’s global profile and the international expertise and activities of the state’s public four-year universities.

The Ohio International Consortium serves to maximize existing resources and to minimize duplication through cooperation in the areas of student study abroad, internationalization of the curriculum, global opportunities for faculty, and the discussion of issues concerning international students and scholars.

The four-year public universities of Ohio currently have exchange relationships, faculty research collaboration, and enrollments of international students and scholars from more than 150 countries around the world.

The Ohio International Consortium has the responsibility to coordinate and implement the inter-institutional agreement for pooled access to study abroad programs. The OIC has regular meetings, at which issues of mutual interest related to international education are addressed.

What We Do

OIC supports the internationalization of post-secondary institutions by:

  • Creating opportunities for Ohio residents to develop international knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Facilitating the promotion and delivery of Ohio post-secondary training and education services worldwide.

  • Coordinating a state-wide system of pooled access to study abroad opportunities for Ohio post-secondary students.

  • Encouraging interest and comparative research and teaching of benefit to Ohio, the United States, and the global community.

  • Establishing and strengthening connections between education, government, and commerce around the world.

  • Providing a forum for international education professionals to meet, network, develop new skills, and exchange ideas.

  • Acting as an advocate for international education at the state and national level.

By creating a supportive network of cooperation and collaboration among international practitioners, we are helping to create a strong and vibrant international education system.

Why We Do It

The force and speed of global change is transforming all societies.

Profound economic, environmental and demographic influences are changing who we are, where we live and work, and particularly, what and how we learn. The OIC, together with our member institutions, believes that the economic prosperity and the continued well-being of Ohio is strengthened by building bridges of understanding and cooperation with nations and cultures around the world.

Strong cultural and academic ties, which build on Ohio’s economic and social bonds with other countries, help to develop stronger business relationships with key global trading partners.

Ohio students, faculty and staff can gain the international knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to effectively live and work in the global economy through participation in international education programs.

The presence and participation of international students in Ohio classrooms each year enhances the educational experience of all students and makes a contribution to the social and economic development of Ohio communities.

Through collaborative internationalization efforts (e.g. sharing information, expertise and opportunities), Ohio institutions are able to undertake a wider range of global initiatives in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Last Updated: 3/22/23