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Rental Information to Know


Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Facts

The City of Toledo law requires smoke detectors in all new and existing residences.  By law, the landlord must supply smoke alarms, however tenants must provide batteries.  Check your detector today to ensure it is working properly!

Review this link from the U.S. Fire Administration to learn more about smoke detectors

Review the sites below to learn about carbon monoxide concerns:

Tenant/Landlord Rights and Obligations

The following link applies to most residential tenants who pay rent for a place to live, with some exceptions (for example, those who pay rent to live in nursing homes, hotels and motels, and university-owned housing).  In addition, a different landlord-tenant law applies to those who live in a manufactured or mobile home park.

Toledo Housing Court

This link provides tenants with information to help them better understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.  It is Toledo Housing Court hope that tenants will utilize the resources provided as a guide for better tenant-landlord relations.  The information provided in this section does not constitute legal advice and is intended for reference purposes only.  For specific interpretation of the law, or if you have doubts regarding your legal rights, please seek legal assistance. 

You might be surprised at the amount of information it is helpful to understand when you are considering renting property.  Feel free to consult Commuter Student Services for more information, and when an issue does seem to have legal implications, set up an appointment with Student Legal Services, 419-530-7230 (Rocket Hall 1610)

Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch

Forming partnerships with community volunteers for safer neighborhoods.

Toledo Police

Information from Safety Guides to ways of reporting crime, visit the Toledo Police web site.

How to be a Good Neighbor

Are you a good neighbor?  How many of these suggestions do you follow?  Follow this link to learn more.

Stay Out of Trouble

Issues with noise, parking, parties, open containers, public indecency, front porches, and underage consumption.
Learn more here.

List of items to bring and remember before you move in to your new residence

Utility Information

More than you would probably ever want to know about your telephone, electric, gas, and water.  The Ohio Consumer's Council has comparison charts allowing you to make a more informed choice between competitors.  Also FAQs and a complaint form. 

Questions to Ask Your Property Manager/Landlord/Owner

Renter's Insurance

Make sure your personal property is covered in the event of fire, theft, flood, etc.

Rent Escrow
Landlord not making repairs, allowing a safety or health hazard to exist?  This may get results for you

Resources for Housing Concerns

First Aid Kit

Be sure you have a well-stocked first-aid kit.  Buy one at a drug store, grocery store, or assemble your own.

Inventory Record

Create an inventory of your valuables/credit card emergency information

Security Deposit

Tips on how to ensure you get your security deposit back

Last Updated: 6/27/22