Students are in charge of their own registration and scheduling of courses. Each student should follow the program curriculum for which he/she has been admitted. Prior to registration, each student should check with his/her advisor or the Graduate Program Director to determine if specific courses will count toward the Plan of Study. Each student is responsible for:
  • confirming with his/her advisor or the Graduate Program Director the number of hours for which to register
  • registering early to reserve a seat in a course
  • attending all courses for which he/she has registered
  • adding/dropping courses in a timely way to avoid being billed tuition and late fees for course registration

Students can search for courses and register for classes using any PC with Internet access through the Self Service tab in the myUT portal. To login to the myUT portal, users enter their UTAD username and password. (To activate a UTAD account, visit the UTAD Account Management page on the UT web site for instructions.) Self Service also allows students to print a bill or class schedule. Students also can register in person in Rocket Solution Central (RSC), RH 1200 during normal office hours. Registration assistants will be available to answer questions and assist students with specialized registration functions when necessary.

It is important to pay attention to the registration dates and policies. Students should register promptly to help ensure that classes will not be canceled due to lack of enrollment. This is particularly important for graduate elective courses which may have relatively low student enrollment.

Students on stipend with tuition scholarships are required to pay fees each semester unless these are paid out of a research grant. Fees cover a variety of services available at UT, including student support services, engineering college computing, and health insurance coverage. In addition, all students are assessed the Student Legal Fee unless they indicate the desire to waive it. We encourage all students to keep this valuable service.

A student may add a course or register late within the first three calendar days of a new semester, excluding summer, without permission from the instructor as along as a seat is available. Students wishing to add a class between the 4th and 15th calendar days (inclusive) of a new term may be able to do so with the instructor's permission. After the 15th day, students can only add a class with both the instructor's written signature and the signature of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. A late registration fee is assessed for initial registrations on or after the first day of the semester as follows:

  • The first through third day of the term - $50
  • The fourth through fifteenth day of the term - $100
  • The sixteenth day through the last day of the term - $200
  • After the last day of the term - $500

Students who decide not to attend or stop attending any or all classes for which they have registered must notify the University by dropping or withdrawing from the course(s). Drops and withdrawals are processed through Rocket Solution Central (RSC) located in Rocket Hall. Failure to drop a course for which a student is registered but has stopped attending will result in a grade of "F". Specific drop and withdrawal dates for each term are listed on the University's academic calendar. It is the student's responsibility to drop or withdraw from unwanted courses before there is a negative academic and financial impact. Students with unsettled bursar bills will not be able to register for future semesters.

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