Provisional Admission

In rare cases, provisional admission may be granted to applicants without undergraduate engineering degrees who are deficient in undergraduate coursework considered essential for study in the Department of Bioengineering. Coursework requirements for conversion from provisional to full graduate standing will be determined at the time of provisional admission. Graduate credit will not be given for coursework taken to satisfy provisional admission deficiencies. All coursework deficiencies must be completed before full graduate standing will be granted. Students must achieve a minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA in all provisional coursework. In addition, during the provisional period, a minimum of 3.0/4.0 must be achieved in any graduate coursework being applied to the graduate degree. Conversion from provisional standing to full graduate standing is subject to review and approval by the Graduate Committee. All requirements must be met within the time line established at the time of provisional admission. Courses required for students admitted provisionally include, but are not limited to, those given in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Undergraduate Courses for Students Granted Provisional Admission.All provisional students must take the core courses, or have received a 3.0/4.0 GPA or better in a suitable equivalent. Courses within one of the options categories are selected as appropriate and will be determined at the time of provisional admission.

Core Courses Hrs Core Courses Hrs
BIOL 2150 Fund. Life Sci. I 
BIOL 2170 Fund. Life Sci. II 
CHEM 1230 General Chemistry I 
CHEM 1240 General Chemistry II 
PHYS 2130 Engineering Physics I

PHYS 2140 Engineering Physics II
MATH 1850 Calculus I 
MATH 1860 Calculus II 
MATH 2850 Multivariate Calculus 
MATH 2860 Differential Equations

Additional Courses - Fall Hrs Additional Courses - Spring Hrs
Cellular Engineering Option: 
BIOE 2200 Biomaterials 
BIOE 3500 Bioprocessing Laboratory

Cellular Engineering Option: 
BIOE 2100 Thermodynamics 
BIOL 3030 Cell Biology

Biomechanics Option: 
BIOE 2200 Biomaterials 
CIVE 1150 Statics

Biomechanics Option: 
CIVE 1160 Strength of Materials 
MIME 2300 Dynamics

Bioinstrumentation Option: 
MATH 2890 Linear Algebra 
BIOE 4120 Biosignal Processing

Bioinstrumentation Option: 
EECS 2300 Electric Circuits 
BIOE 3300 Biomedical Electronics

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