Financial Assistance

Full-time graduate students in the Department of Bioengineering may have some kind of financial assistance available from the sources listed below:
  • Teaching Assistantship (TA)
  • Research Assistantship (RA)
  • University or other Fellowship (UF)
  • Tuition Scholarship (TS)

All registered students are responsible for the general fee and engineering technology fee each semester. In addition, proof of health insurance must be provided each semester or University health insurance premiums will be assessed at the student's expense.

Teaching Assistantship (TA)

Teaching assistantships (TAs) are available to qualified full-time graduate students of the Department of Bioengineering on a competitive basis. A tuition scholarship (TS) normally accompanies a full-time TA position. Teaching assistants are required to devote a maximum of 20 hours per week of effort towards teaching, research, or other departmental service as assigned by the Graduate Program Director. TAs are usually assigned for a 9-month period, with duties assigned at the beginning of each semester. The appointments are made by the Graduate Program Director in consultation with the faculty and chair on the basis of faculty and Department needs and the availability of TAs.

TA awards are made for a fixed, stated period of time. Continuation of the award beyond the stated period of time is not implied, and summer semester support is not included. TA funding is usually reserved for first year graduate students.

Research Assistantship (RA)

Research assistantships (RAs) are available as a result of grants and contracts of the faculty that are doing sponsored research. Appointments are available for graduate students to participate on specific research projects, which may serve as the student's thesis or dissertation topic. These assistantships are normally made available for a 9-month period (Fall and Spring semesters), with the possibility of additional compensation during the summer if the research funds permit. A tuition scholarship normally accompanies a full-time RA position.

RA awards are made directly by the faculty member in charge of the sponsored research. Continuation or termination of the appointment is decided by the faculty advisor (principal investigator) on the basis of the availability of funds and the student's progress in research and academic areas.

University Fellowship (UF)

University Fellowships are limited in number and highly competitive. Students interested in these awards should apply to the College of Graduate Studies upon the recommendation of their faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director.

Tuition Scholarship (TS)

A tuition scholarship provides full-time tuition for the recipient. Tuition scholarships are tied to stipend funding and are currently not available to students that do not have stipend support. A TS is usually awarded for the same period as the stipend.

Renewal of Financial Aid

Financial aid to incoming and continuing full-time graduate students is offered for the purpose of assisting them in the pursuit of their degree objectives. The receipt of an award does not imply a commitment by the Department of Bioengineering for subsequent years. In particular, teaching and research assistantships are awarded for a specified period of time with the amount of the award included in the letter of appointment to the student. If there is to be a continuation of the award beyond the specified period, the student will receive a subsequent letter of appointment.

For incoming full-time students receiving initial financial aid (particularly TA funding), support beyond the initial academic year is primarily dependent on the availability of funds, student performance, and the recommendation from the research advisor. Students are, therefore, expected to be working on research proposals/grants/contracts during their first two semesters enrolled.

Student should recognize that an award of financial aid, either as a new award or the continuation of previous support, is subject to the availability of funds and any restrictions that may apply. The best assurance that a student has regarding continued financial assistance is to devote his or her efforts toward high scholastic achievement and the best possible progress toward the completion of the degree objectives in a timely manner.


Graduate students who attend The University of Toledo are eligible to apply for federal need-based financial aid. For details, check with the Student Financial Aid Office.

Tax Status

All types of financial aid are subject to federal, state and local taxes since stipend awards are considered compensation for services rendered. The final determination of whether such awards are taxable is the prerogative of the Internal Revenue Service and the corresponding authorities for state and local taxation.


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