Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Electrical Engineering, computer science And Computer Science Engineering — The Forefront of New Technologies

Technology is continually evolving:

The world needs creative experts in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Science and Engineering to tackle major problems in our modern society. Learn to design, develop, and implement the software, hardware, systems, networks, and technology that keeps our modern society running. Develop hard skills in topics such as:

  • Power Systems & Power Electronics
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Electromagnetics
  • VLSI and FPGA System Design
  • DSP and Communication Technologies
  • Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Systems and Operating Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence &  Machine Learning
  • Computer & Network Security

Our ABET accredited Bachelor's degrees are built to help you grow from a novice to an experienced engineer in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. With the help of the College of Engineering, our Bachelor's of Science in EE, Bachelor's of Science in CS, and Bachelor's of Science in CSE programs, as well as Master's and Ph.D. programs, offer:

  • Undergraduate co-op program = paid industry experience
  • State-of-the-art facilities and labs
  • Cutting-edge research
  • Industry collaboration
  • Renowned faculty
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities

Additionally, our Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security can help you upgrade your skills and position yourself for advancement in many fields such as health care, manufacturing, finance, and government.

Live near Cleveland? You can enroll in our Computer Science and Engineering program at Lorain County Community College. This convenient, affordable program offers the same high-quality degree with a mix of in-person and interactive online classes!


Electrical engineering and computer science engineering, as well as all UToledo bachelor's degree engineering programs are accredited by ABET. Learn more about why accredited programs are important.


Meet Jason Gonring

Class of 2019, Electrical Engineering

"I want to solve real-world problems and make life better for people in my community. I joined a UToledo initiative to make solar energy more accessible to middle- and lower-income families in downtown Toledo. The project I worked on to put a solar array on Health Science Campus was one of my favorites. I applied everything I learned in class, and I learned soft skills, too — like how to compromise with people and make a big initiative like this come together."


Meet Evan Reed

Class of 2019, Electrical Engineering

"Nothing beats co-ops — to see how engineering works in the real world, get experience and earn enough to pay tuition. With all the resources UToledo offers and the high job placement rate for engineering students, it set me up for life after college. I have minimal debt."


Meet Harish Hemming

Class of 2021, Computer Science Engineering and Physics

"Even the big classes at UToledo aren’t huge. You can connect with your professors. They can help you do research or be a reference for a job. During a career expo on campus, a recruiter from First Solar, a local company, saw on my resume that I had a double major. He contacted me a few days later and offered me a co-op job."




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