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Accredited bachelor’s degree programs in computer science and engineering in the U.S. (and the first to be accredited)

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science And Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor's Degrees

Our ABET accredited Bachelor's degrees are built to help you grow from a novice to an experienced engineer in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; our computer science and engineering program is one of just eight accredited bachelor’s programs in the U.S.

  • Make yourself more marketable with our focus on entrepreneurial skills and hands-on learning.
  • Graduate with a full year's worth of paid industry experience after three required co-ops.
  • Learn from expert faculty.
  • Conduct cutting-edge undergraduate research.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and labs allow you to learn industry concepts and skills with the help of undergraduate peer mentors and graduate student teaching assistants:

  • Digital Logic Design Lab
  • Electric Circuits Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Energy Conversion Lab

Combining electrical engineering, computer science and computer science and engineering degree programs under one department allows us to offer tremendous benefits to our students:

  • More opportunities for cooperative education
  • Wider range of electives and minors
  • Chance to dual major with just one extra semester

Live near Cleveland? You can enroll in our computer science and engineering program at Lorain County Community College. This convenient, affordable program offers the same high-quality degree with a mix of in-person and interactive online classes.

Get a head start on a master's degree with the accelerated B.S./M.S. program. Take graduate-level courses while paying undergraduate tuition.

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What do electrical engineers and computer science engineers do?

Electrical Engineers

  • Design and develop robots.
  • Design and develop autonomous driving through electronic and electrical circuit design.
  • Design and build satellite, cellular and wireless communications.
  • Research and develop automotive, industrial and air/space vehicle control systems.
  • Design and build smart grid technology.

Electrical engineers play a vital role in practically all modern inventions — from microchips to satellite communications for space travel.

As the technology sector grows, the demand for those who create, understand and develop electrical or electronic systems increases.

Electrical engineering covers a wide range of sub-fields, from energy generation and distribution to digital computers, autonomous driving and satellite communications.

Computer Scientists and Engineers

  • Develop software for all aspects of life.
  • Research and develop artificial intelligence for real life applications.
  • Create virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interactive systems.
  • Create next-generation computing systems.
  • Solve cyber security issues.

Technology changes quickly. Computer scientists and engineers are on the cutting edge of the latest advances. They design, develop, operate and maintain computer hardware and software.

It's a great career if you like to be continually challenged and have an affinity for computers, math and science. You'll put those skills to use every day to create computing and software systems for every imaginable real-world application.

Why UToledo Electrical Engineering, computer science Or Computer Science and Engineering?

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