Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Solid-State and RF Devices and Systems

Group Leader: Daniel Georgiev 
Members: Vijay Devabhaktuni, Robert Collins, Rashmi Jha, Alvin Compaan, Xunming Deng, Sanjay Khare, Sylvain Marsillac, Anthony Johnson, Lingfeng Wang
Contact: daniel.georgiev@utoledo.edu


This Focus Area includes research activities and interests in the general fields of: Thin film and Third generation solar photovoltaics materials and devices, New light emitting diodes (LED’s), Breakthrough high-frequency solid-state power switching devices, Rugged sensors, Low-power CMOS devices, Filters and low-noise amplifiers, High-performance power amplifiers for wireless communication, Intelligent energy and water management systems, Intelligent monolithic adaptable low-power wideband antenna, Miniaturized medical devices, Next-generation EM-CAD packages, Next-generation input devices for games and virtual reality, Power and RF magnetic components, RF modules for environmental and healthcare monitoring and control, RFI and EMI measurement, analysis and modeling, RFIDs for commercial and defense applications, Signal integrity optimization techniques, Wireless human interface devices, Wireless agricultural manufacturing systems.

Area of Focus

With an emphasis on product development, the Solid-State and RF Devices and Systems (SRDS) faculty conduct research in a number of areas (including but not limited to):

  • Wireless Human Interface Devices
  • Wireless Agriculture Manufacturing Systems
  • RF Modules for Environment Monitoring/Control
  • Next-Generation EM-CAD Packages
  • Laser micro-/nano- structuring of bulk and thin-film materials
  • Laser modification of materials surfaces and laser micromachining
  • Thin films related research
  • Materials properties by various methods: optical (Raman and infrared spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, photoluminescence, ellipsometry, optical microscopy), electron microscopy techniques (SEM, TEM), diffraction techniques (XRD, SAED), scanning-probe microscopy (AFM)
  • Electrical measurements
  • Sensor and other application-oriented characterization and testing
  • VLSI design and EDA tools like Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Synopsys, Timing Designer, Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus, etc


Measurement Station for a HID Advanced Control System

RFID Antenna Design Station

Lab Prototype of a Wireless Sensor Network Control Device


  • EM Simulation and Design Facility
  • RF/Microwave Test and Measurement Facility
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electronics Materials Laboratory
  • Knowledge Based Systems Laboratory


  • Agriculture monitoring systems
  • RFIDs for use in education
  • Next-generation input devices for games and virtual reality
  • Intelligent energy and water management systems
  • Sensors and Sensor Technology
  • Optoelectronics and Photonics
  • Microelectronic Integrated Circuitry
  • Novel Memory Devices
  • Vacuum Microelectronic Devices (such as new types of flat panel displays)
  • Solar Cells and Power Electronics


Dr. Georgiev’s research is in the areas of Device fabrication, Materials for high-frequency components, Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, Laser Processing of Materials, Glasses, Thin Films, Materials Characterization.

Dr. Devabhaktuni’s research is in the areas of computer aided modeling, RF/microwave design and optimization, biomedical applications, and PV power management.

Dr. Johnson's research is in the areas of VLSI and ASIC System Design.

Dr. Jha's research is in the areas of Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices, Semiconductor Process Technology, Photovoltaics, Nanobioelectronics.

Dr. Wang's research is in the areas of Distributed and embedded sensing and control systems, Intelligent systems and Sustainable electric power and energy systems.


This group is partially supported (either cash or in-kind) by
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Ansoft Corporation
  • Cadence
  • Silvaco
  • Synopsys
  • The University of Toledo

Contact Info

Dr. Daniel Georgiev 
Associate Professor 
Department of Electrical Engineering & computer Science
2060 Nitschke Hall, Mail Stop 308
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-530-8184
Fax : (419) 530-8146
Email: daniel.georgiev@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 6/27/22