Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

High Performance Computing Systems

Group Leader: Mohammed Niamat
Members: Devinder Kaur, Mohsin Jamali, Mansoor Alam, Vijay Devabhaktuni, Ahmad Javaid
Contact: mohammed.niamat@utoledo.edu


Computing from both the programming language and the computer architecture viewpoints. Computational complexity. Quantum computing. Unified intermediate language with well-defined semantics in the design of both software and hardware. Distributed systems, databases, mobile & wireless networks. Fault tolerance and reliability. Software reliability, Performance modeling of computer and communication networks, Adaptive scheduling and resource reservation protocols. Routing protocols and security in wireless internet and mobile ad hoc networks. Algorithms, complexity, power connectivity and coverage in wireless sensor networks. Bio-molecular networks, information systems, cellular and high-performance computing. Theoretic foundations and advanced analysis for real-time, hybrid and embedded systems. Adaptation, design and implementation of dynamic models for wireless and mobile networks. Radio resource allocations, channel schemes and handoff strategies in wireless multimedia networks.

Area of Focus

The High-Performance Computing Systems faculty conduct research in several areas like:

  • High performance computing and visualization
  • Information security
  • High performance scalable software
  • Information systems and services
  • System software for parallel computing
  • Numerical computing and applications
  • Hypermedia & multimedia environments
  • FPGA and Cell based embedded systems for smart antennas and adaptive control systems
  • Application Specific Computer Architectures, In-Vehicle Networks and Data Bus
  • Data Compression-Multimedia Communication
  • Image/Video/Signal Processing
  • Applied Neural Networks for Industrial & Medical Applications


Dr. Alam with his student


  • Advanced Systems Lab
  • OCARNet Lab
  • Cyber Security Lab


  • Numerical computing and applications
  • Hypermedia & multimedia environments
  • Multimedia
  • Security
  • Computational performance
  • Performance of wireless networks


Dr. Alam's research focuses on fault tolerance and reliability; software reliability, performance modeling of network protocols; routing protocols and security in wireless internet and mobile ad hoc networks.

Dr. Kaur's research interests are in Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Processing, Software Scalable Systems on CHIP Architecture, Intelligent Systems based on Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.

Dr. Jamali's research focuses on hardware implementation of sensor array processing algorithms, FPGA based systems, application specific computer architectures and in-vehicle Networks.

Dr. Niamat's research focuses on Testing of digital, reconfigurable, system on chip (SOC) and VLSI circuits;built in self test (BIST); fault modeling; modeling and testing of nano electronic devices using quantum dot cellular automata (QCA).

Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni's research is in the areas of Applied Electromagnetics, Computer Aided Design, Neural Networks, RF/Microwave Modeling and Optimization.

Dr. Ahmad Javaid's research is in the areas of Cyber security and Cyber-Physical Systems, Wireless Sensors, Mobile and Computer Networks, Data Mining/Analytics, Computational Intelligence and Image Processing.


  • This group is supported in part by NSF.

Contact Info

Dr. Mansoor Alam, Professor Department of Electrical Engineering & computer Science
2027 Nitschke Hall, Mail Stop 308
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone : (419) 530-8161
Fax : (419) 530-8146

Email: mohammed.niamat@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 6/27/22