Engineering Technology

CSET Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q:  Where can I find information about admission to the Computer Science and Engineering Technology (CSET) program?

A:  Admission information for the University of Toledo (UToledo) is available on our admissions page.

Q:  What is the difference between the CSET program and Computer Science Engineering Program?

A:  The CSET program offers a hands-on, practical learning experience for our students in core areas of databases, networking, computer security, programming, and web services.

Q:  What are the job titles for CSET graduates?

A:  CSET graduates get employed as software engineers, web developers, and IT support specialists.

Q:   What is the starting salary for CSET graduates?

A:  Starting salaries range from $60, 000 to $80,000 depending on the employer and job title.

Q:   Who are some of the employers who hire CSET graduates?

A:  Dana Corporation, Microsoft, OmniSource, and Buckeye Broadband.

Q:   Who are some of the successful CSET graduates?

A:  Carla Marzari – Software Engineer at Microsoft; Merl Creps – Senior Programmer at OmniSource, Joshua Higgins – Attorney at MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC.

Q:   Are there pathways to graduate programs for CSET students?

A:  The CSET degree offers a concentration in cyber security and pathways to two master's programs in cyber security and a BS/MS track.

Q:   What scholarship opportunities are available for CSET students?

A:  CSET students are eligible to apply for Choose-First IMPRESS-C scholarship. Please, check the eligibility criteria.

Q:   Are there any student testimonials?

A:  Please, see the success story of John Sims.

Last Updated: 6/27/22