Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Benefits of the Levis Leadership Program

 Levis Leaders become synonymous with strong, capable, responsible leaders.  These students are recruited for scholarships, activities, committees, and programs.  Levis Leadership students definitely make an impact on campus and beyond.  Beyond the scholarship, the leadership development program offers the following benefits to Levis students:

  • Provides a unique experience that challenges students to examine and evaluate themselves, their values, and their ideas and beliefs about leadership.
  • Provides individuals an opportunity to be part of a diverse team of students that learns from each other.
  • Connects students with a network of current student leaders and Levis Leadership alumni that could lead to on-campus involvement and eventually job opportunities.
  • Levis Leadership Year I students will get the opportunity to move in early if they are living on-campus.

Levis Alumni Thoughts ABOUT THE PROGRAM

"Levis Leadership was the most valuable experience I had the opportunity to be a part of while at UToledo.  It was the perfect complement to the academic component of higher education for a successful future."
- Matt Allen, Class of 1998

"Levis Leadership opened every door of opportunity for me at The University of Toledo and allowed me to create so many new friendships that will last well beyond college."           
- Niki Steward, Class of 2001 

"UToledo is a big place and Levis Leadership helped me feel at home.  The program challenged me to make the most of my college experience."
- Ellen Grachek, Class of 1999, 1997-98 Student Government Vice-President 

"Many UToledo Student Government Presidents and Vice-Presidents were Levis students.  Levis Leadership students are found in leadership positions in most of the organizations on campus because of the training and education they receive.  Applying for this scholarship was the smartest thing I did in my college career."          
- Kevin Hopkins, Class of 1998, 1996-97 Student Government President

"I had no idea how formative Levis Leadership would become in my college experience."      
- Heidi Jenkins, Class of  2000

"One of the best experiences at college! So honored to have been part of it""
Megan McCune, Class of 1999

Last Updated: 6/27/22