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There are so many ways to get involved with service in the Toledo area and beyond. Here are some ideas to get started:


Current students that need to track service or philanthropy (fundraising) activities should fill out the Service & Philanthropy Tracking form  each time they complete an activity. Log in to InvoNet and search "Service" under the Forms tab. You will be asked to classify your type of service or philanthropy while completing the form. Please see below for definitions of service type:

Direct Service
Direct Service includes person-to-person, face-to-face service projects in which your service directly impacts individuals who receive the service. Examples: Tutoring, conducting dance/music lessons, serving meals, working with animals

Indirect Service
Indirect service includes working on broad issues, environmental projects, or community development projects that have clear benefits to the community or environment, but not necessarily to individually identified people with whom you are working. Examples: Collecting items to donate, building projects, removing litter

Philanthropy is giving money through donations or having fundraisers to benefit a cause or charity external to your student organization or the UT community. If you give money to support another organization's philanthropic cause (e.g., RockeTHON, Relay for Life, philanthropy dinners), that is NOT philanthropy. The parent organization (i.e. RockeTHON/Dance Marathon Commission, Colleges Against Cancer) would report these dollars raised, not your organization. You should keep track of this information for internal purposes, but it is not something you need to report via this form.


ALL forms for service & philanthropy activities due at the end of each month.

Last Updated: 9/25/19