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Leadership Programs

Levis Leadership students working on a teambuilding activity

Levis Leadership

A four-year, leadership development program designed to help students become more self-aware and focused on positive social change. This program is application-based and only open to incoming first-year students. Levis students earn a scholarship in the program. Learn more

A guest Speaker taking to students

UToledo LEADS 

UToledo LEADS is accessible to all students who seek to develop and grow in college. It is a series of student-run introductory workshops that teach about the foundations of leadership, allow students to discover and apply their talents, connect with other budding leaders, and gain confidence in themselves. Learn more 

Student-leaders at a camp retreat doing trust exercises.

Leadership opportunities

View opportunities to lead on campus in a variety of organizations and positions. Get involved, learn leadership skills and grow with people who build you up. Learn more

four students inside dorm room

Leadership Living-Learning Community 

Living-Learning Communities are built upon the idea of grouping colleges students within similar studies or shared passions into a residential living community on campus. Students interested in leadership development are encouraged to live in the Leadership Living-Learning Community (LLC). You will gain access to specialized opportunities, resources, and programs related to leadership. Learn more

Achieve big presentation with presenter on stage and audience pointing up

National Society For Leadership & Success

The NSLS is an organization on campus that provides a life-changing leadership program that helps students achieve personal growth, career success and empowers them to have a positive impact in their communities. This program is open to all students and there are over 700 colleges that have a chapter of this nationally accredited leadership honor society. Learn more

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Student Leader Training

Did you recently step into a leadership role in a student organization? OSIL offers the CliftonStrengths assessment tool and training sessions to better prepare student leaders stepping into a president or treasurer’s role as well as how to utilize InvoNet effectively for your student organizations. Learn more


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