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ShawnPShawn Paulo, Class of 2021

My name is Shawn Paulo and I recently graduated from the University of Toledo DPT program in May 2021. I want to tell you some advice I received from a friend/co-worker prior to starting PT school. He told me, PT school was the best time of his life and encouraged me to "make the most out of PT school and not always devote all your time to studying". When he told me that, I made a promise to myself to do the same. Reflecting back it is simply amazing how a small bit of words can make a difference. And so, this led me to talk and get to know my cohort and faculty better professionally, academically, and personally. I volunteered as much as I could with community events and took on many leadership roles in the program. So to say the least, this program shaped me into a leader that I did not know I would become. It has improved my communication skills with patients, networking skills with other health care providers, and helped mold me into the clinician I am  today. I am proud to have made these close relationships with everyone at this program and what this program gave back to me.  

Carlie RCarlee Riegsecker, Class of 2020

My time spent in The University of Toledo’s DPT Program was such a rewarding experience on an educational basis; however, there is more than just curriculum in the world of PT school. The small class sizes at UT not only facilitate a feeling of connectedness within the cohort of students, but also between students and faculty. In the three years I spent in the program I have developed wonderful friendships with classmates that I will carry with me throughout my life. Learning and growing together each day of class for three years provided a sense of family within our small class and provided experiences and memories I will always remember. The small class sizes also provide a connectedness between students and faculty.

 Each faculty member knows you by name and is willing to go above and beyond in making sure you have an adequate understanding of not only individual class material, but also of the profession of physical therapy as a whole. Faculty are there for students on a personal and professional level, and genuinely want to see students succeed as the best PT they can be by the time they graduate. Even after graduating, I have reached out to numerous faculty members with questions and in need of advice (as well as just to catch up), and I am so grateful for their caring attitudes and mentorship within this transition into my full-time career. 

 Colton RineboltColton Rinebolt, Class of 2017

My time in physical therapy school at UT was one of the best periods in my life. There is something about going through a challenging and rewarding experience with others that helps to build real and long lasting relationships. My cohort have become some of my best friends and my professors have continued to mentor me throughout my PT career. I'm thankful for all of my classmates and faculty at UT, and I highly recommend the UT DPT program!

Last Updated: 6/27/22