Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Clinical Education

The clinical education component of the DPT curriculum is composed of 36 full time weeks of clinical practice experience. Clinical education engages the student in supervised clinical practice and provides them with the opportunity to further explore the multiple roles of the physical therapist. Clinical education begins after the completion of the first year and continues during the remainder of the program.

The clinical education component is designed to provide the student with exposure to physical therapy practice in a variety of clinical settings. The DPT Program maintains clinical affiliation agreements with sites across the country and students are required to complete at least one clinical experience outside of the Toledo metropolitan area. Students are also provided with the opportunity to have a specialty internship. The areas of clinical specialty include, but are not limited to pediatrics, sports rehabilitation, critical care, and geriatrics.

 For additional information, please refer to the DPT program Clinical Education Manual

Last Updated: 6/27/22