Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Student Life

Located on 400 beautiful acres in Toledo, the University of Toledo offers the benefits of an urban campus located in a scenic, relaxed setting that is easily accessible to students who commute as well as those who live nearby.

The institution offers a number of organizations and services that help enrich every student's experience.

The students within the Department of Physical Therapy organize and oversee the Student Physical Therapy Organization (SPTO). The purpose of SPTO is:

  • to further the growth of students into the profession of physical therapy
  • to support the physical therapy curriculum at the University of Toledo
  • to create, promote, and build friendships based on the common interests of the physical therapy students
  • to provide other students with adequate information on the education preparation, career options, and employment opportunities offered by the physical therapy profession
  • to present the profession of physical therapy, the University of Toledo, and the Department of Physical Therapy to other student professional organizations and the community
  • to provide service to the community 

SPTO is a dynamic, active group that adds to the richness of the PT student experience. Students attend various conferences such as the American Physical Therapy Association's national student conclave where they met other PT students from all over the country and the Ohio Physical Therapy Association's conferences in Columbus where they attend seminars and present their research projects.






Last Updated: 3/20/23