Student Services


Priority Registration

Priority registration is based on the number of earned hours or a special student status (honors or athlete, for example).  Priority registration dates are published by the Registrar's office.  Registration for spring semester typically starts in October; fall registration usually opens in March.  Summer registration is available to all students in early February without restriction.

Helpful Hints for CHHS Students

  • Meet with your adviser early.  Appointments fill quickly during peak advising times in October, November, March, and April.
  • Don't know your PSC from an SOCW? Check out this Subject Code guide.
  • Classes with recitations, lectures and/or labs need to have all sections registered simultaneously.  Use the worksheet function within Look Up Classes in the myUT portal or enter CRNs in the Register/Drop/Withdraw page.
  • What's a humanities?  What's a non-U.S. diversity? Learn to search for classes using attributes with this PDF guide.
  • Waitlisting questions? The Registrar's office has answers.
Last Updated: 7/2/19