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Placement Testing

You will need to know your ACT/SAT scores to determine which placement tests you need. If you do not know your ACT scores, visit

no placement tests needed:

Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Social Work   

math placement:

All students needing math placement testing are strongly advised to take the online ALEKS test to allow appropriate math placement. The ALEKS Math Placement Test fee is $20, payable to ALEKS. This includes online tutorials to refresh your knowledge and the opportunity to retake the test to improve your math placement. If the end result is a higher math placement, it is well worth the nominal cost. Information about ALEKS can be found here.     

Exercise Science:

  • For placement into MATH 1320 (College Algebra): ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 20 or SAT Math is below 510.
  • For placement into MATH 1340 (College Algebra and Trigonometry): if ACT Math is 24+ or SAT Math is 580+ and previous trigonometry, ALEKS required. Otherwise, student will start in MATH 1320.

Health Care Administration: ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 24 or SAT Math is below 580.

Health Information Administration, Public Health (pre-med only), Recreation Therapy (pre-OT only)Respiratory Care, Speech-Language Pathology: ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 20 or SAT Math is below 510.

chemistry placement:

All Exercise Science concentrations and Public Health pre-medALEKS Chemistry is required if you took chemistry in high school.  If you've never taken chemistry, do not take the chemistry placement test.

Respiratory Care: Health Sciences Chemistry Placement Exam is required if you took chemistry in high school.  Respiratory Care uses the ALEKS Nursing Chemistry Placement Test for placement into CHEM 1120: Chemistry for Health Sciences.

  • There is no fee for the ALEKS Nursing Chemistry Placement Test. Review the Chemistry Placement test document to take the ALEKS Nursing Chemistry Placement Exam.
  • Be sure to take the test for Health Science Chemistry (bottom of page) and not for General Chemistry (top of page). A couple of tips for taking the exam:
    • You may enter and leave the test as you need to. It will start you back where you left off.
    • There is no time limit.
    • Please plan to finish the test at least 24 hours before you plan to register. 
    • Do NOT use outside resources to help you answer questions in the initial assessment. If you look things up or get help, you may end up in a class that is too difficult for you.
    • Be sure to use the constants in the ALEKS system.
    • Only round your answers at the very end of your calculations.

If you have any questions about placement testing, email

Last Updated: 3/10/22