CHHS Student Services

Academic Alert, Warning, Suspension and Reinstatement

Academic warning

Students are placed on academic warning when the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 2.0 , and they have 30 or more UToledo semester hours. You are at risk of suspension if you continue getting low grades. This can affect your ability to receive financial aid. Contact Rocket Solution Central if you have questions about this.

Academic Standing Policy

It is strongly recommended that you take immediate steps to improve your GPA!


  • Reduce your credit hours to a number that makes it more realistic for you to pass your classes with a C or higher. Grades of C- or lower pull your GPA below the 2.0 mark.
  • Change your work hours to concentrate more on course work, both in and outside of class.
  • Get help for concepts you don’t understand by going to the professor’s office hours, the Learning Enhancement Center or participate in SI groups, if available.
  • Form a study group with classmates.
  • Be sure you attend all your classes.
  • Make sure you do your reading and homework assignments ahead of time.
  • Pay attention to your class grades and withdrawal dates
  • See Study Guides and Strategies

academic suspension

Students may be academically suspended from the university if they fail to maintain the required cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the number of semester credit hours attempted as follows: 

  • Less than 1.0 after attempting 10-19 semester hours
  • Less than 1.5 after attempting 20-29 semester hours
  • Less than 1.7 after attempting 30-39 semester hours
  • Less than 1.8 after attempting 40-49 semester hours
  • Less than 1.9 after attempting 50-59 semester hours
  • Less than 2.0 after attempting 60 semester hours

Note: A student may be suspended if the student falls below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for two consecutive semesters after attempting more than 60 semester hours.

Students must be given a minimum of one semester on academic probation before being subject to academic suspension.

Academic Standing Policy

A student under academic suspension may not enroll in classes at UT for a period of at least one semester.

According to the Academic Standing Policy, individual colleges or degree programs may establish an appeals process to allow students subject to suspension to continue their enrollment within that college or degree program. A student in the College of Health and Human Services may appeal a suspension decision if the student believes that their cumulative GPA does not qualify them for suspension. In such cases, students should email the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. John Laux, to raise this concern. 

reinstatement following academic suspension


Fall 2024 Semester Reinstatement Application Deadline: July 12, 2024

Spring 2025 Semester Reinstatement Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

The Academic Review Committee does not approve reinstatement for Summer Semester.

IMPORTANT: If you have attended another accredited institution/university (without written consent) since your suspension from UToledo, you MUST reapply as a transfer-readmit student through the Admissions Office.

Reinstatement Process:

Clear all account holds before submitting reinstatement documents. Students will not be considered for reinstatement until all student account holds are cleared. Some examples of holds that will block your reinstatement and class registration are: past due balance holds; collections holds; disciplinary holds; and various fines such as parking or library fines. Students can check for student account holds by logging into the myUT portal.
Check financial aid status and eligibility. It is important to note that academic probation or suspension is a separate process from financial aid probation or suspension. Students planning to receive federal financial aid must contact Rocket Solutions Central at 419-530-8700 or to verify their financial aid status and eligibility for the semester you are requesting to be reinstated.

Submit appeal letter to by the date listed above to be considered for reinstatement.

  • This letter must be typed in Microsoft Word and attached to an email using your UT Rockets e-mail account (if you are still able to access it).
  • Your letter should include a proper greeting and closing.
  • The letter should address steps that you will take to significantly improve your academic performance upon your return to school. Your appeal letter must also include an assessment of your academic goals, including your major.
  • This letter should be one page in length. Re-evaluate your priorities and consider the value of a college degree.
  • You must include your complete mailing address, Rocket Number, e-mail address, and phone number(s) in your letter. Your letter will not be accepted if it does not contain your contact information.

Appeal letters received after the dates listed above will not be reviewed. Please do not wait to submit your materials until the last day. The sooner you submit your materials, the sooner the Academic Review Committee will be able to make a decision as to your possible reinstatement. If your reinstatement request is approved, you will be notified by our office for your next steps. The Academic Review Committee shall consist of the Director of Student Services, the student’s Academic Advisor, and the HHS Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Last Updated: 1/11/24