University Libraries

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

The University of Toledo Libraries supports the work of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion by providing exemplary service to all patrons seeking assistance without difference in levels of accommodation.  This includes not only patrons reflecting different ethnic, racial, or gender communities, but also those persons with disabilities.  In addition to providing services and facilities, the collections of University Libraries also embrace diversity and inclusion.  The Libraries support all academic programs through the monographs and electronic resources we purchase for use by the university community.

university libraries DIVERSITY & inclusion committee

Inclusion Officer & Committee Chair

Arjun Sabharwal, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Associate Professor

Committee Members

Ali Coleman, Cataloging Librarian

Jennifer Joe, Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, Assistant Professor

Molly Kellie, Library Media Technical Assistant 2

Jolene Miller, Director of Mulford Health Science Library, Assistant Professor

John Napp, Engineering Librarian, Associate Professor

Derek Wilmott, Acquisitions and Collection Management Librarian, Assistant Professor

DIVERSITY PLAN (2021-2026)

The University Libraries Diversity and Inclusion Committee was reinstated in summer 2021 and has begun the process of revising the University Libraries diversity plan.   The Committee fully supports the vision and mission of the University Libraries as well as the work of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The following goals are vital to the Committee:

  1. Monitoring the resources, services, and initiatives of the libraries for relevance and accessibility to the university’s diverse community;
  2. Informing the University Libraries' hiring and retention practices through research, dialogue, and best practices; and
  3. Submitting annual reports on the University Libraries’ diversity-related activities to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Last Updated: 10/15/21