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Safe Places

You may have noticed a Safe Place sticker on various offices around the UT campuses. A Safe Place is a confidential place free from homophobia, transphobia, bipohobia, and heterosexism where people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, queer, or questioning can feel welcome, safe, and included. These offices have  completed Safe Place training and have signed a pledge to act as allies for the LGBTQA+ community.

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The following faculty, staff, and graduate assistants have signed the Safe Place pledge to act as allies for the LGBTQA+ community:

Mary Almanza, Rocket Solution Central

Cristina Alvarado, Advance Clinical SIM

Ashley Andrews, Office of Residence Life

Megan Anthony, Psychiatry

John Arnold, Biology

Tom Avery, Career Services

Jennifer Babcock, University Libraries

Heather Bae, Rocket Solution Central

Sarah Bargardi, Center for Success Coaching

Rachel Barnes, UToledo Online

Benjamin Barros, College of Law

Jessica Bergman, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Jodie Birch, College of Law

Karen Bjorkman, Office of the Provost

Dayna Boes, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Daniel Boyle, Office of Residence Life

Laura Brown, Student Disability Services

Eric Buetikofer, Military Service Center

Christine Cady, Rocket Solution Central

Kayann Carlson, Dean of Students

Chelsea B Chandler, UToledo Online

Ryan Chernick, Undergraduate Admissions

Christopher Clark, HSC Student Services

Alexandra Coleman, University Libraries

Claire Copa, School of Population Health

William Covert, University Counseling Center

Ryan Crudder, College of Engineering

Katie DeBenedictis, Office of the President

Whitney Dillard, University Counseling Center

Robert Dilworth, HSC Student Services

Janet Douglas, University Libraries

Shelly Drouillard, Career Services

Tasha Dunn, Communication

Kim M. Dusseau, Rocket Solution Central

Susan Edinger, Internal Audit & Compliance

Kevin Egan, Econ

Holly Eicher, Recreation Therapy

Nora Evarts, Kobacker Center

Julie Fischer-Kinney, Office of the Provost

Angela Fitzpatrick, Catharine S. Eberly Center

Kelly Freeman, Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

Heather Frost, University Libraries

Jordan Funk, Student Disability Services

Monique Gayle, Kobacker Center

Alex Geisel, Undergraduate Admissions

Charlene Gilbert, College of Arts and Letters

Silvia Goicoechea, Biological Sciences

Kim, Gratz, Psychology

Amy Gross, UTMC Compliance & Privacy

Serhan Guner, Civil Engineering

Cassie Haas, University Counseling Center

Enjie Hall, Student Disability Services

Daniel Hammel, Geography & Planning

Sally Harmych, Biological Sciences

Lori Harrison, University Libraries

Gayle Heer, College of Natural Science & Mathematics

Deborah Hendricks, Pre-Health Advising Center

Sue Ann Hochberg, Internal Audit & Compliance

Genevieve Hofbauer, Dean of Students

Jahnee Horn, Undergraduate Admissions

Antonique Ingraham, Vice President of Student Affairs Office

Craig Jeffries, University Counseling Center

Karen Jensen, UToledo Online

Michele Johnson, New Student Orientation

Aleiah Jones, Office of Multicultural Student Success

Victoria Jordan, Office of Residence Life

Daniel Kall, College of Law

Michael Kantner, Center for Success Coaching

Heather Karns, College of Law

Molly Kellie, University Libraries

Vicky Kulicke, Title IX

John Laux, College of Health & Human Services

Wade Lee, University Libraries

Cory Lehman, Undergraduate Admissions

Linda Lewandowski, College of Nursing

Alex Lewin, Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards

Gregory Lewis, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Genevieve Livecchi, University Counseling Center

Eric Longsdorf, School of Exercise Rehab Sciences

Gina Luck-Deitsch

Alyssa Maldonado, Office of Residence Life

Lauren Maleitzke, Center for Success Coaching

Alana Malik, Office of the Provost

Samantha Marchal, University of Toledo Foundation

Julia Martin, University Libraries

Margaret Mascharka, Undergraduate Admissions

Carlos Mata, Office of Residence Life

Todd Matthews, Rocket Solution Central

Shannon McCune, Office of Residence Life

Raelyn Mejias Santaro, Office of the Provost

Bradley Menard, Office of Residence Life

Shannon G. Meyer, Undergraduate Admissions

Veralucia Mendoza, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Nick Mignogna, Center for Success Coaching

Davlon Miller, Career Services

Jolene Miller, University Libraries

Terri Miller, Catharine S. Eberly Center

Maya Mineoi, Title IX

Holly Monsos, College of Arts and Letters

Abhishek Mutha, Division of Student Affairs

Jessica Napier, Center for Success Coaching

John Napp, University Libraries

Donovan Nichols, Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Shannon Niedzwicki, Career Services

Katrina Nottke, Title IX and Compliance

Stacie Nowak, Academic Enrichment Center

Kelly Oliver, Center for Success Coaching

Melody Orlu, Office of Residence Life

Collin Palmer, Undergraduate Admissions

Tania Park-Thomas, LaValley Law Library

C'Shalla Parker, UTMC Compliance & Privacy

Cameron Pendergraph, Recreational Services

Jeffrey Perry, UToledo Online

Jennifer Pietch, Office of Residence Life

Jennifer Pizio, Office for Diversity & Inclusion

Gary Pollack, College of Pharmacy

Kim Pollauf, University College

Daniel Powell, Human Resources

Mary Powers, College of Pharmacy

Jacob Rasmussen, Recreational Services

Trevor Rhyans, Office of Residence Life

Robbie Richards, Rocket Solution Central

Shelly Ridner, Recreational Services

Taylor Robbins, Office of Residence Life

Pamela Rogers, Upward Bound

Brian Rolinc, Office of Residence Life

John Satkowski, Student Disability Services

Augusta Schmidt, Office of Residence Life

Heather Schmidt, University Counseling Center

Laura Schmidt, College of Law - Admissions

Matt Schroeder, Office of the President

Jon-Jama Scott, Upward Bound

Brittany Seigneur Harris, Center for Success Coaching

Martha Sexton, Nursing

Alyssa Jane Slottke, University Libraries

Jodee Snyder, Kobacker Center

Kelly Snyder, Undergraduate Admissions

Dr. Michele Soliz, Office of Multicultural Student Success

Linda Spear, Family Medicine

Allison Spencer, IPE

Cherie Spino, Marketing & Communications

Donald Srocryznski, Rocket Solution Central

Danielle Stamper, Eberly Center

Anthony Strother, Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Katelyn Stuart, Adult Psychiatry

Jason Stumbo, School of Visual & Performing Arts

Kristie Stu-McCarthy, Academic Enrichment Center

Mallorie Sutter, University Libraries

Ulonda Utton, Physiology & Pharmacology

Jocelyn Szymanski, Rocket Wellness

Peggi Szymanski, Career Services

Aundy Teply, Undergraduate Admissions

Cheryl Thomas, Dean of Students

Peter Thomas, Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Kelly Tomlinson, College of Law

T. Michael Toole, College of Engineering

James Townsend, University Counseling Center

Brian Trease, Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Lindsay Tuttle, Title IX

Joshua Vail, Career Services

Jacquelyn Van Zile, Academic Enrichment Center

Lauryn Vargas, Admissions

Doreann Vogel, Center for Success Coaching

Laken Walker, Rocket Solution Central

Anthony Walters, UToledo Online

Nickole Watson, Office of Residence Life

Benjamin Weiner, Student Advocacy & Support

Tawn Williams-Nell, HSC Student Services

Katherine Wilson, Vice President of Student Affairs Office

DeMya Wimberly, Center for Success Coaching

Rubye Wise, Student Union

Randall Worth, Med. Micro. Immuno.

Taylor Yarborough, Admissions

Lisa Yost, Student Disability Services

Brenda Young, Student Union

Mary Youngs, Office of Student Affairs COMLS



Last Updated: 8/6/20